What You Need to Know About NIJ Standard 0101-06

The NIJ Standard 0101.06 is a comprehensive standard for testing the protective values of ballistic armor such as that used by law enforcement and military personnel. In order to qualify under this standard, ballistic armor must pass a series of rigorous performance tests to ensure that they live up to expectations.

Ballistic armor is rated by level of protection, with higher levels offering increasingly effective protection against penetration and blunt trauma impact from larger caliber rounds; in order to pass certification, a vest must prevent penetration by the test bullet at the test firing speed, and more importantly must prevent deformation as a result of blunt force trauma on the test surface. Soft armor (such as the concealable vests worn by law enforcement) consists of Level II-A, Level II, and Level III-A, and is meant to protect mostly against small arms fire. Hard body armor consists of rigid plates that can be inserted, and are rated Level III or Level IV, for protection against rifle rounds.

The important points of the NIJ standard can be explained by pointing out the changes in testing requirements from the 0101.06 standard and the interim NIJ 0101.05 standard; after reviewing tests of the previous standard, as well as performance in the field, the National Institute of Justice has determined that more strenuous testing requirements are needed to ensure a minimum lifespan of five years, and to protect against larger and faster bullets than in previous testing.

Under the NIJ 0101.05 standard, for IIA through …

Bifocal Sunglasses and Your Skin

If you’re over age forty, you’ve probably noticed a change in your eyesight. It’s common at this age to begin to experience difficulty seeing up close. Reading on the computer may be more of a strain than it once was. Fine print anywhere becomes a challenge. When reading books, you may find yourself holding them closer, then farther, trying to find just the right distance to make the text legible.

Finally, you get some magnifying glasses, perhaps the non-prescription type at first. Eventually, you’ll probably visit your eye doctor and get real glasses, which is what I did. I’m nearsighted (I have trouble seeing things that aren’t right in front of me) and have been for years. Once I hit forty, I became farsighted as well. Yup, without glasses, I have the unenviable condition of being unable to see far or near. And yeah, it’s as unpleasant as it sounds.

My eye doctor added bifocals to my prescription. Instead of the old style with the line in the middle of the lens announcing how very old you are to the world, these days we have the privilege of wearing “progressive lenses,” which are great, because there’s no line to give away your age.

I can’t see at all without my glasses, unless I’m wearing contacts, so my doctor recommended that in addition to the progressive lenses, I add “transitions,” which will darken outdoors, turning them into sunglasses.

They’re convenient, obviously, because you don’t need an additional pair of prescription sunglasses.…

What Are Biker Patches?

Biker patches are used to denote a biker’s club affiliation. They are typically worn at the back of a vest. Apart from signifying the club membership, bikers use the patch design and color to say something about themselves too.

Patch Layouts

There are no specific rules on how these patches are designed. Often though, a one piece patch signifies motorcycle associations while the two piece patch means the rider is a member of a biker’s club.

The three piece design is known as the outlaw motorcycle club patch. Outlaw motorcycle clubs are biker groups that are not officially recognized by the American Motorcycle Association.

The three piece biker patches have crescent shapes above and below the club logo. These crescent shapes are known as rockers. However, not all bikers who don three piece patches belong to motorcycle outlaw clubs, which sometimes lead to confusion.

The 1% and #13 Patches

The 1% patch is worn by outlaw bikers in reference to a statement by the American Motorcycle association that 99% of American bikers abide by the law. This refers to the belief that outlaw bikers are criminals.

In response to the 1% patch, some bikers wear 99% patches to express their membership in an officially recognized club.

The #13 patches stand for the letter M, the 13th letter in the alphabet. The M stands for marijuana, meaning the biker takes or sells drugs.

Other Types of Biker Patches

The 9 or 9er patch means the rider has Indian blood. The letter …

Meaningful Beauty


Meaningful Beauty – Cleanse

One of the best things you can do to keep your skin nice and healthy is to cleanse it. Cleanse has a non irritating formula that will not remove any essentials oils or minerals from the skin but will clean out all of the dirt and grime accumulated on it. It has a soft, non-foaming formula with a creamy texture. It will wipe any all the skin dirt and impurities and leaving glowing skin in its wake. Once a person starts cleansing their skin and they see the results, they will never stop cleansing again.


Meaningful Beauty – Protect

For skin to be protected for the full day, it needs to be taken care of in the early morning. Antioxidant Day Creme provides a unique antioxidant formula that is filled to the brim with botanicals that help renew, refresh, and revitalize the skin. It contains SPF20 and is specifically designed to stop all the sun’s harmful rays from damaging the skin. It has a one of a kind micro-emulsion formula that establishes moisture equilibrium for all skin types. Skin will feel smooth, will look brighter, look cleaner, and feel softer with this daily dose of anti-aging ingredients.


Meaningful Beauty – Restore

Human skin repairs all the damage from the previous day while sleeping. This Anti-Aging Night Creme is uniquely designed to improve the skins repair process overnight. It has a light …

The Advantages of Wearing Work Pants and Work Vests

It is impossible to avoid the actions of kneeling and squatting especially for those people who are in a profession that demands these actions. On kneeling and squatting it is the knees which have to bear a tremendous amount of pressure and also the jolt and stress which causes abrasion between the thigh bone and knee cap. So, when one goes to work which involves such movements, wearing work pants will help save from injury.

These work pants have been designed especially for the workers who are unable to avoid kneeling and squatting while keeping safety and comfort in mind. These work pants are available at cheap and affordable rates with various modifications. You can choose amongst the variety that is offered in the market suiting your requirements and fitting in your budget.

It is a fact that every kind of environment needs different kinds of work pants and one must choose accordingly. Work pants are used frequently and that is why they are made to be durable and easily washable. They are generally made from top quality materials that enable them to withstand the wear and tear of time and extensive use. These pants are generally manufactured keeping in mind the requirement of the users and so manufacturers never compromise with the quality of the products.

People prefer to wear work vests as they are protective clothing and needed in certain work conditions. Moreover, they are also usually high in visibility aspect. You will also be able to get …