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Can Athletes Use the Medifast Food plan?

Can Athletes Use the Medifast Food plan?
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I usually create about the details of the Medifast eating plan.  I am sometimes asked: “Can athletes use Medifast? Does the diet regime present more than enough calories and protein to support physical exercise?”  I am going to response these issues in the subsequent report.

You Can Physical exercise On Medifast: The corporation truly encourages for you to training at the very least 2-3 times for every week.  For all those who don’t generally training, the company endorses waiting around 2-3 weeks ahead of starting your regimen to give your overall body time to adjust to a lot less energy.  For people that already do exercising, the organization suggests that you reduce your regimen in 50 percent for the initial couple weeks, all over again to give your physique time to change to a reduce amount of calories (all around 1,000 – 1,300.)

I would not phone myself an athlete, but I have constructed my regimen up to where I workout often and rigorously.  I did not workout when I commenced, so there was no difficult adjustment period of time. But, I commenced by power going for walks, and sooner or later extra ankle weights and then a excess weight vest.  Today, I do weights, cardio (elliptical and / or treadmill) and try out to also do some circuit education.  I’ve by no means experienced a trouble or felt gentle headed or dizzy. I feel that, by now, my body probably feels that being on the diet regime is a ordinary way of lifestyle.  But, every one particular is unique. The organization suggests resting and beginning all over again if you practical experience this.

The Medifast 70 Shakes Are A Good Choice For Athletes: There are fundamentally 3 sorts of shakes on this approach – the ready to drink, the 55, and the 70.  The completely ready to drink shakes are pre-produced.  The 55 and 70 involve for you to mix them or use a blender.  Typically, females use the 55 and adult males use the 70 as this just one has much more protein.  But, the 70 is also ideal for athletes simply because of the greater protein material.

The Eating plan Is Reduced Glycemic: I feel that this eating plan can be a superior suit for athletes who are seeking for a hassle-free reduced carb / large protein diet regime.  The foods are primarily prepackaged which will make matters pretty practical and several are soy centered.  All are extremely minimal in carbs and sugars.  This suits in perfectly with a lot of athlete’s dietary specifications as having plenty of protein to construct muscle and guidance electricity expenditure is incredibly vital.

And, if there is any question that 1,000 – 1,300 calories is not adequate to assistance exercise, you can usually tweak or increase to your lean and environmentally friendly food.  This is the only time of the working day when you prepare dinner for your self and prepare your personal foods.  You might be suppose to consume 5 – 7 ounces of lean protein, but I wouldn’t see the damage in introducing a little bit extra if you happen to be heading to be burning it via exercise in any case.