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Caribou, reindeer are section of the exact species

Caribou, reindeer are section of the exact species
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Reindeer are the only members of the deer family in which both males and females have antlers. [Photo by Trip Lamb]

Which animal is inextricably joined with Santa and Christmas in the minds of youthful and previous? Reindeer, of system.

In 1949, singing cowboy Gene Autry possibly did not believe that that Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer would “go down in background,” but he has. The music continues to be the only one in musical history to be No. 1 on the charts one particular week and absolutely off the charts the following. Christmas stories abound in literature, tv specials and Hollywood flicks. Some youngsters might even consider reindeer are as fictional as the Grinch, Frosty, and Rudolph.

Very well, reindeer are as actual as caribou in actuality, they are the identical species — users of the deer spouse and children alongside with elk and moose. Reindeer are denizens of the Arctic tundra from Europe to Siberia. People living in the same habitat in North The united states are called caribou. Nonetheless, regardless of reindeer and caribou being biologically the same, “Rudolph the red-nosed caribou” would have reduced the bar a little bit for what we like in a song.