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How to Choose Tzitzit Strings

How to Choose Tzitzit Strings
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Now, several people today opt to tie tzitzit strings on their tallit on their own. According to halacha, fulfilling a mitzvah you is generally preferable more than possessing anyone do it for you. Though in some conditions – bris mila, shechita, crafting a mezuza or building tefillin, to name a few – you should possibly leave it to a professional, tying tzitzit does not get extended to discover.

Even if you decide to have someone tie the tzitzit strings for you, when you purchase a tallit katan or a tallit gadol you may well be specified several tzitzit selections, these kinds of as slender or thick, equipment-spun, hand-spun or niputz lishma, white or techelet.

Thin or thick?

Frequently talking, slender tzitzit strings are utilized on a tallit katan for aesthetic causes, despite the fact that some people today may possibly choose for thick, which are considerably less likely to crack. On a tallit gadol, skinny tzitzit ordinarily arrive normal. Classic black-on-white tallits could be offered without tzitzit and often purchasers will pick out to thick tzitzit strings, yet again for aesthetic factors.


According to halacha, tzitzit should be tied with the intention of executing a mitzvah. This is why there is no these thing as a tzitzit-tying device. Interestingly, it also suggests a 12-year-previous boy could not be permitted to tie tzitzit for his own bar mitzvah tallit.

Not only ought to tzitzit be tied with intention, but the tzitzit strings will have to also ought to be spun with intention. There is a sure discussion in halacha no matter whether they should be made with intention even earlier in the output process, from the carding phase. According to the Rema, the custom made is to be lenient, but some men and women insist on niputz lishmah tzitzit, which are produced with intention starting up with the carding stage.

Commonly the final decision is in between device-spun or hand-spun tzitzit. The former are less pricey, but in accordance to lots of halachic opinions, having intention whilst urgent the buttons on the machine is not regarded authentic intention to do the mitzvah. In accordance to these thoughts, only hand-spun tzitzit strings are kosher.


Right now, extra and extra people today from distinctive streams of Judaism are picking techelet tzitzit strings, despite the steep price tag. This is a make a difference of appreciable debate (no matter whether today’s techelet is the genuine point, how to tie the knots, and so forth.) and lies further than the scope of this write-up.

After you’ve determined which sort of tzitzit to buy, you can come across kosher tzitzit strings on the web, and from time to time shipping and delivery is pretty economical mainly because they weigh so very little.