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How to Dress Like Mr T

How to Dress Like Mr T
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Mr T is best known for his trademark Mohawk, lots of gold jewelry, and his bad guy image. Best known for playing B.A. Baracus in the A-team television show, he also had roles in Rocky III, his own television reality show, a cartoon, starred as a professional wrestler, and much more. Before show biz, he started as a bouncer and then worked as a body guard for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Dressing like Mr T is easy, and excellent for costume parties, Halloween, and just about anytime you want a laugh. Let’s start with the foot wear.

Foot wear is simple. He wore heavy work boots. In a pinch a pair of worn shoes can be used.

Pants are similarly easy. A pair of camouflage pants will do, and are inexpensive. Otherwise a pair of khakis or even jeans, preferably heavily worn, will work well.

A military style vest or actually any vest will do. Ripping the sleeves off a jean jacket is always stylish as well. Preferably wear no shirt underneath, but if it’s cold, a long sleeved T shirt can be worn. Any solid color is fine.

You’ll want lots of gold jewelry, but real gold is expensive, so unless you already own some, get lots of costume jewelry fro m just about anywhere. Look in discount shops in the jewelry and the toy sections too.

Ok, we are up to the fun part, your hair. I suggest you get a real Mohawk, but that’s not always practical. For example it doesn’t work for bald men. You can buy a wig designed for that Mr T look cheaply many places, and that will do!