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How to Seduce Your Female Friend – Proven Technique From My Experience!

How to Seduce Your Female Friend – Proven Technique From My Experience!
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Having a hot female friend who just won’t give you a chance it’s a situation I know closely! We were in college then, her name was Jessica! She was blonde, fit and had a face of an angle! I wanted her really bad! Finally I got what I wanted and I am going to reveal you what exactly I did to make it happen!

I knew that the first thing I need to do is to become more attractive in her eyes. I hadn’t any problem with my look so I knew that I have to change my behavior to attract her! As a good friend I have been always helping her emotionally. She was coming to me to tell me about other guys that don’t want her and other girls’ problems! I knew that if I will continue this way I’ll never seduce her. So instead of being the nice friend who will listen to all her nonsense I started to ignore her every time she tried to bring up her troubles and switched the conversation to another, happier topic!

Next thing I did was to invite her to go out with me. Just like a date but I didn’t call it that way. We went to a Jazz club and we had a good time. We both got drunk and after 3 hours of dancing I took her home. You must be thinking that is the end of the story? You wrong. If you will sleep with your friend when she is drunk she will never trust you again because you took advantage of the fact she couldn’t control herself. So I gave up on sex that night and just made sure she feels alright!

Slowly I saw that she started to act a little differently with me. She started to call me more and not just for advice. She wanted to meet me and few times she even asked me out! I gave her some stupid excuses every time just to let her feel what it’s like when I am not there for her! I wanted her to miss me even more that she did, cause when a girl missing someone it’s increases her attraction to that guy!

About 3 weeks after started all this I got a call from her. She called to invite me to coffee! We all know what it means! I want get into details about what happened there! So it was another successful seduction for me!