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Patiala House – Punjabi in the Queen’s Land

Patiala House – Punjabi in the Queen’s Land
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A good family catch with entertainment, comedy, few tears, not well shown cricket and the evergreen Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia.

The movie starts with a very serious Akshay kumar – well after Tees Maar khan I think he needed to be a bit quiet – he needs to re establish himself as the Tees maar kumar and I think he proved it in Patiala house.

A different character without cricket skills but hey even Sharukh khan never played hockey much.

Akshay was charming, quiet and he did allow other actors to rule over him and at the end everyone turned out to be a winner.

Rishi Kapoor was the main character, the angry young punjabi turning into the FATHER OF SOUTHALL for Punjabi’s living in the UK.

Dimple kapadia was silent throughout the movie until finally she spoke just like old times ” I am his mother this time and not your Wife” and In reality “I am also his Mother in Law” so let me watch him getting the cup for England.

The character I like the most was Anushka Sharma, she reminds me of a younger Kajol of Kuch kuch hota Hai always happy, cheerful and even sexy. She plays a next door neighbor and comes into Akshay’s life with full of positive therapies of changing him from a loser to a Man that she can fall in Love. Well she did a good job.

The Story was simple, had some cut and past of the 93 world cups and the focus fight of Andrew Simmons and Akshay Kumar – I wonder how Andrew would feel watching this film. Although I would personally rate the movie 3.5 out of 5 as it was plain and nice.

You know nowadays Hindi Movies need a few non complicated movies for people to just say ” It Was Nice” and walk out of the theaters simply smiling – am sure all the Punjabi’s felt the same in UK. Nikhil Advani does a good job with his direction.