Anaaya and my Current Favorites Part 1

I have been getting lots of emails and messages on Instagram on why did i prevent submitting the favorites series. I literally acquired engrossed into other things that i pretty much forgot. So instead of doing month-to-month sequence, i will do it in pieces anytime our favorites will improve. This write-up will include every thing that Anaaya and I cherished taking part in, some my skincare and make-up goods, kitchen area, decor and everything that I can assume of! So let us get commenced!

Anaaya’s Favorites

Blink Card Game 

This card video game has been our favorite given that far more than 6 months. It can be performed by both small children and grownups. We adore participating in with Anaaya each weekend and we by no means get bored of it. It is like the swiftest game wherever you require to match the playing cards by shape, colour or number. So basically whose cards will finish to start with will be the winner. Although it has to be performed by 2 gamers but me, Anaaya and her father engage in together.

Colour Observe Activity Purchase On line

I experienced earlier talked about ahead of in this post that Anaaya loves this coloration keep track of recreation and can commit at least an hour plating it. The youngster has to make the styles with the slides from the book. I experienced provided a reward to a single her buddies as effectively and it has usually been hit with the little ones!