11 Easy Tips to Choose the Right Engagement Ring for Her

Getting engaged surely is an important step in life, but it can be a real headache for the fiancé when comes the moment to choose the engagement ring.

Choosing the right engagement ring you want to offer to your fiancée isn’t an easy task.

The issues to be faced by the fiancé are many :

  • what style and ring design does she like?
  • what’s her finger size ?
  • which stone to choose ? diamond or gemstone ?
  • how to choose a diamond ?
  • which metal will fit for the ring ?
  • will my budget be enough ?

How to choose a large diamaond engagement ring2,5 carat diamond engagement ring custom made. View the details for the making process here

Picking up the right engagement ring perfect for her can be even much harder than planing your proposal for the fiancé that is not aware about jewelry and has to learn a lot before understanding what his fiancée prefers.

This article will detail all you need to know to be able to pick up the perfect engagement ring for your fiancée. And our infography resume all that at the end of our publication.


  1. Plan ahead of time the making of your ring
  2. Set your budget
  3. Do you know her ring size?
  4. Do you know her jewelry taste?
  5. The different precious metals available
  6. How to choose a diamond?
  7. Different gems cut are available
  8. Overview of different stone settings
  9. Colored stones options
  10. Ring engraving
  11. The Halo setting is your friend
  12. Infography
how to chose a custom diamond engagement ring tips to choose an engagement ring for her

Planning to get the right ring on time