Santa’s reindeer have a ton of nonmagical family members, but they’re exclusive, too

Reindeer may perhaps not be indigenous to Texas, but nine of them will swoop into city Christmas Eve when Santa Claus can make his yearly rounds all around the entire world.

There is no denying the magical powers of these furry sleigh-pullers. Immediately after all, they fly throughout time zones with a shiny crimson-nosed Rudolph to guide them. But nearer to Earth, these amazing animals have their share of much less-well known kinfolk.

Consider Crystal and Holly. They may not jet St. Nick around the world, but they continue to unfold Xmas cheer in and all over Texas via Zoomagination, a nonprofit in the vicinity of San Antonio that residences and rehabilitates exotic animals.

Every single holiday year, Zoomagination showcases 1 or more of its 4 resident reindeer at colleges, corporate shindigs and other activities, entertaining and educating the community about the serious magic driving these famed Xmas creatures.

“I usually inform children there’s a motive why Santa selected reindeer,” stated Zoomagination co-director Robert Trejo. “Because they’re rapidly and they are really adaptable to different climates. They can adapt to chilly and freezing and heat. They can swim. And they are some of the only animals that can see in ultraviolet light.”

Even the “normal” reindeer are even now very distinctive. Here’s a closer look at how.

We really should really phone them caribou. Technically, the expression “reindeer” applies only to people animals in Europe. In North America, they are identified as caribou. The expression “caribou” stems from the