Don’t forget When Taylor Swift Produced ‘Our Music?’

Legendary singer/songwriter Taylor Swift unveiled her award-successful keep track of “Our Song” as the third single off of her debut self-titled album on this working day in 2006.

Initially composed for her freshman yr large faculty talent present, Swift pumped out the iconic, self-penned monitor in a mere 20 minutes.

“I wrote this track in my freshman year of substantial college, for my ninth-quality talent show. So I was sitting there imagining, ‘I’ve gotta compose a track that’s gonna relate to every person in the expertise display, and it’s gotta be upbeat.’ And at that time, I was dating a person, and we did not have a song. So I went forward and wrote us one, and I performed it at the talent exhibit at the finish of the year. And months afterwards, men and women would arrive up to me, and they’re like, ‘I liked that tune that you played — ‘Our Music.” And then they’d start singing lines of it back again to me. And they’d only heard it the moment, so I assumed, ‘There have to be something listed here!’” the singer beforehand shared with The Boot.

As a consequence of the good results of the track with her classmates, Swift understood she had to encourage her then-label, Significant Device Data, to function the tune on her forthcoming album.

“I’m so glad this music is a solitary,” Taylor discussed in an job interview with Great American Country. “When we were being finding music for

How country music is taking over the world | Music | DW

Polish your boots, get out your plaid flannel shirt from the back of your closet, and dust off your Stetson — we’re off to a country music festival. But this isn’t Texas or Tennessee, but rather the faded UK seaside resort of Blackpool, which is hosting the 2021 British Country Music Festival from September 3-5, and visitors from all around the country and way beyond are expected to attend.

The typically American music genre is celebrating a global revival, with events all around Europe — even in Germany — giving it a new lease on life. This is, of course, pre-COVID; but with the gradual easing of restrictions, country fans around the globe are excited to get back on the horse.

“The thing about country music that speaks to people is the songwriting,” Milly Olykan, VP of International Relations & Development at the Country Music Association (CMA) in Nashville, Tennessee, told DW.

“People have realized that country music isn’t about geography,” says Baylen Leonard, a country music broadcaster based in London. “It’s about storytelling and emotion.”

Skyline of Nashville

Nashville remains the capital of country music worldwide — but the sound is being exported abroad more than ever before

‘The perfect storm’

Olykan says the focus of her work is “to shift perceptions about country music. For example, it’s not only older people who listen to country. It’s young people. And the audiences have got younger over the years.”

Milly Olykan portrait

Milly Olykan has been helping country music gain global recognition for over a decade

Laura Nyro: the phenomenal singers’ singer the 60s overlooked | Music

Whatever role Laura Nyro chose to play – earth mother, soul sister, angel of the Bronx subways – she committed to it. With a soaring, open-hearted voice and ingeniously crafted compositions, Nyro transformed a range of influences into her own kind of art song. She made vertiginous shifts from hushed reveries to ecstatic gospel-driven shout-ups with an intensity and a courage that, as Elton John would point out, left its mark on many contemporaries who achieved greater commercial success.

As the music of the 1960s reached a climax, no one else merged the new songwriting freedoms pioneered by Bob Dylan with the pop sensibility of the Brill Building tunesmiths to such intriguing effect. As a teenager, she wrote And When I Die and Stoney End, songs that became hits for other artists. Her own enigmatically titled albums – Eli and the Thirteenth Confession, New York Tendaberry, Christmas and the Beads of Sweat – showed a precociously sophisticated sensibility.

Later, rejecting commercial pressures, she would help push the boundaries of popular music by writing songs celebrating motherhood, female sexuality and her menstrual cycle. In the hearts of admirers, she kindled a loyalty fierce enough to withstand the semi-obscurity into which she had fallen by the time of her death from ovarian cancer in 1997, at 49. But a new generation will this month get to hear Nyro’s music, as American Dreamer, a box set containing her first seven albums and an eighth disc of rarities and live tracks, is released.

Alison Krauss to Be part of Bluegrass New music Hall of Fame

Alison Krauss is a single of a few 2021 inductees into the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame, the International Bluegrass Audio Association introduced on Tuesday (July 20) (per Rolling Stone). On top of that, 2021 IBMA Awards nominees were also disclosed.

Krauss is a songwriter, musician, producer and the longtime chief of Alison Krauss and Union Station, as very well as one of the most-awarded artists in Grammy Awards record. She joins bandleader and banjo player Lynn Morris — the 1st female to ever earn the Nationwide Banjo Championship, in 1974 — and the Stoneman Family members, an early group in the style, as a 2021 Bluegrass Tunes Hall of Fame inductee.

In terms of 2021 IBMA Awards nominations, meanwhile, followers will discover Billy Strings among the Entertainer and Guitar Participant of the Yr nominees and Molly Tuttle in the Feminine Vocalist and Guitar Player of the Year classes. A whole record of nominees is down below.

The 2021 IBMA Awards are set for Sept. 30 at Raleigh, N.C.’s Duke Electrical power Center for the Executing Arts. The party is aspect of the yearly Environment of Bluegrass pageant, which also incorporates artist showcases and a conference, all set for Sept. 28-Oct. 2 in Raleigh. Far more info is available at

2021 International Bluegrass Music Affiliation Awards Nominees

Entertainer of the Yr

Balsam Variety
Billy Strings
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
The Del McCoury Band
The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys

Male Vocalist of the Yr

Ronnie Bowman
Del McCoury

Women in Egyptian music | Music In Africa

With the official religion of Egypt being Islam, Islamic thought and doctrine has a dominant influence on social hierarchies and on governing the place of women in those hierarchies. With some Islamic scholars arguing that a woman’s voice should not be heard, women are often discouraged from pursuing a career in music, as it is not considered respectable [1].  

Women are mostly absent from the religious music scene and even banned from performing the call of prayer that can be heard echoing through Egyptian cities five times a day [2]. Censorship has a longstanding relationship with the music industry in Egypt, due to political and religious reasoning. All music officially released in Egypt must undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure that lyrics do not offend neither the governing regime nor religion [3]. 

Works that do not receive approval are banned from being officially released at music stores or aired by government-owned radio and TV stations. However, with modern technology and the internet, more and more artists are forgoing physical music releases and focusing on digital releases, allowing them to bypass the process of obtaining government licences to release their works [4] [5]. All performers are also required to obtain licences and permits from the Musicians’ Syndicate for live performances in advance [6].

The process of receiving clearance from the censorship committee and obtaining licences to release music affects men and women alike. However, women face more censorship and policing when it comes to live performance. The Musicians’ Syndicate, which