A Ground-Breaking Study Shows the Resilient Beauty Industry

TORRANCE, Calif., July 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With U.S. salon and spa doors closed during the pandemic from six weeks to eight months depending on their state and county orders, and social distancing guidelines limiting the number of guests that hair stylists, barbers, and nail technicians could service upon reopening, the COVID-19 pandemic struck a particularly devastating blow to the professional beauty industry.

To ascertain how the industry is recovering from the pandemic, as well as how the pandemic impacted the business and personal lives of beauty professionals who work in the industry, Bobit Beauty Health and Wellness conducted the 2021 State of the Industry Research Study, surveying 4,500 beauty professionals over three weeks in May 2021. The study, which was underwritten by Beauty Quest Group, SalonCentric, Ulta Beauty and Redken 5th Avenue NYC, revealed the pandemic struck a challenging financial blow to both beauty professionals and salon businesses overall, professionals surveyed report they are slowly recovering and are optimistic about their own futures and the future of the industry overall.

Several key insights indicate positive movement in the beauty industry:

  • Most salon professionals are optimistic about the rebound in business.
  • Most salon owners were able to reopen their businesses after the mandated shutdown period; some with the help of financial assistance.
  • Adoption of touchless/contactless technology is widespread.
  • Many beauty professionals are beginning to see new clients in addition to their regular clients.

“The fabric of the professional beauty industry is comprised of independent service providers, small

Lip Top Coat Market Slumps Temporarily amid Covid-19 Outbreak, Market Research Intellect Study 2021-2028


Market Research Analysis

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Scope of the report :

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