Saturday Surfing, November 12, 2022!
Delighted Saturday!

Properly, hi there Caturday! It is excellent to see ya.

Yes, that’s me subsequent to a rug. I at last acquired one particular for the eating home. Please justification the nuts hair! It felt like I was wrestling an alligator when I was getting it into my motor vehicle mainly because shock — rugs are freakin’ weighty! OH MY GOSH. I had no plan. Also, it’s very tricky to push with a rug next to your head for some explanation. I don’t know why, but it just is.

In order to prep for the acquire of the rug, of training course I had to do yet another Google Slideshow, LOL!

Did you know there is all types of procedures involving picking the appropriate rug for your table? Significantly, why never they educate folks this stuff in university? One particular working day you are dancing until finally 3 a.m. at the club and completely carefree, and the future you’re married with a child, and you have to get a rug for the dining space and have certainly know clue.

Anywho! This is the rug I acquired. I did not want to shell out far too much on a rug in a large targeted traffic space, and I also desired to be equipped to return it very easily in case it didn’t function out. I also needed to touch and smell it to start with because evidently stinky rugs are thoroughly a matter. Again, who knew? I absolutely did not.