Helen Mirren on Skin Treatment, Swagger & Setting up Some thing New

Helen Mirren at the 74th Pageant de Cannes.
Picture: Dominique Charriau/WireImage

Helen Mirren is a spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris, but the critical to her beauty regime is something that can not be bottled, jarred, or included to a cart. It’s simply just swagger, and she brings it with her just about everywhere she goes (see: displaying up to the strictest red carpet with pink hair, casually having a shot of tequila at the Oscars, and twirling a going for walks stick like this on a Parisian runway).

Normally, she brought it with her for her wonderful return to the Cannes Movie Festival, where the Dame rolled up in a pair of green Caruima reduced tops, rocked major headbands, and aided celebrate the start of L’Oreal Paris’s Lights on Females Award, a new prize honoring one rising woman filmmaker in partnership with the Limited Films opposition. Kate Winslet, fellow L’Oréal Paris spokesperson and the award’s 1st juror, picked the inaugural winner: Berlin-based director Aleksandra Odić, who took property the honors for her 22-moment film, Frida. 

The Slash caught up with Mirren though she was in Cannes to communicate embroidery, eyelashes, and why you should really contemplate pursuing swagger, too.

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