3 Ways to Find Ring Size Secretly To Delight Your Wife
Reading Time: 7 minutes

We know it’s darn difficult to find ring size secretly, we have all been there. The time when you want to buy her a ring or maybe propose to her and you just don’t know the ring size. As if buying surprise gifts for wives wasn’t already hard (it’s so difficult to get her to like what I buy for her and we end up exchanging most stuff – clothes, accessories and everything), now we have to deal with the size issue. And the ring size problem is a real one because it actually matters a lot to get the fit right. When it comes to clothes, you could just pick any old one from her closet and match the size. Not so easy with rings though as the sizes start from 5/6 and go up to 30 (well honestly, most have a ring size between 8-16). 

Ring Sizer on Ring

Ring Size Basics

We are going to lay down some relatively easy ways for you to find her ring size secretly. But before I get to the actual task at hand, let me just give you a quick and short refresher course on ring sizes. This will bring you up to speed because I know, men like you and me are not really good with all the jewellery stuff (I am kidding, I am really good at all this 😉). So let me start from the start – rings (gold, diamond or just imitation rings) come in two forms