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The 50 Cheapest, Most Clever Beauty Products On Amazon

The 50 Cheapest, Most Clever Beauty Products On Amazon
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Backstage at a fashion show is littered with high-end makeup, but the products that inspire the most devotion among pros and amateurs are, more often than not, surprisingly affordable cult favorite products with underground followings. Especially in this golden age of social media, if it can go viral online and be delivered in two days — like these Amazon beauty products, which have tens of thousands of reviews — you know you’ve discovered a gem.

Some of these fan favorites you’ll recognize as instant essentials: drugstore makeup that performs like a designer formula, the K-beauty skincare that reddit can’t stop buzzing about, and the jade roller that’s on every influencer’s feed (and probably at least one of your friends).

Other products, however, are total game changers. Some of the latest breakthroughs include conditioners that repair split ends in eight seconds flat, eyebrow tints that guarantee three days of perfectly filled arches, and a stamping eyeliner pen that draws perfectly symmetrical winged — every single time — are all clever beauty hacks you’ll wonder how you did without.

The weirder the product, the more devoted the fan base: try a scalp brush with over 100,000 ratings or magnetic false lashes that 18,000 fans were able to master, or a sheet mask for your hair that generates its own heat (and the glossiest results). Whether you’re after a targeted spot concealer that makes you look airbrushed or a natural skincare salve that can multitask, these cult beauty finds should be the next thing you add to your kit.


A Lightweight Conditioner That Repairs Damaged Strands In Seconds

L’Oreal’s Dream Lengths Wonder Water delivers the same quick-acting benefits of the brand’s original formula with extra detangling properties to reduce breakage, so you can grow your hair as long as possible between trims. The lightweight conditioner patches split ends on contact and infuses serious shine without weighing down hair.


These K-Beauty Eye Patches That Hydrate & Depuff

These gel eye patches revive tired eyes with all-star ingredients that lock in hydration. Snail mucin, 24-karat gold, and five types of collagen peptides strengthen delicate skin while hyaluronic acid and natural extracts provide major moisture. The teardrop shaped pads can be placed anywhere that needs a little TLC — not just under your eyes. Over 5,000 reviewers counted themselves fans. “Less expensive and more effective than any other under eyemasks I’ve ever used,” one shopper praised.


A Turbo-Charged Serum That Nourishes Lashes & Brows

A mix of natural vitamins and extracts with silk protein and peptides gives this lash and brow serum a reputation for results. The hypoallergenic formula nurtures strong, healthy growth when applied daily and is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Longer lashes and fuller brows can be expected in about 60 days, according to the brand. “I’m super skeptical about products like this, but I was desperate after having gotten eyelash extensions for over a year. My natural lashes were annihilated,” one fan wrote, reporting that, within a month, they noticed “an astonishing improvement in length.”


This Fan Favorite Tool For Shaping Eyebrows — No Tweezing Required

Your pair of tweezers should be worried. This eyebrow hair remover efficiently and effectively removes stray hairs in half the time without any pain. Its narrow tip lets you work close to the brow for your most precise shape, and the casing is so pretty you won’t mind leaving it out on your bathroom counter. Over 19,000 shoppers gave it five glowing stars.


A Set Of Waterproof Pens That Help You Create The Perfect Cat Eye

Amazon fans call these eyeliner pens a “game changer” for creating sharp winged liner that beginners could master on the first try and pros loved for ideal results in less time. Instead of painstakingly stenciling your flick, stamp it right on: the pack of two felt tip pens are contoured to your left and right eye for foolproof placement, and the other end has a standard tip to line the rest of your lashes to match. The long-wearing formula resists smudging and will last until you wash it off.


A Small Yet Mighty Face Cleansing Brush That’s Just Plain Adorable

This K-beauty silicone cleansing brush gently yet thoroughly removes daily dirt and oil while sweeping away dead skin. One side is densely packed with short flexible bristles for deep cleaning while the nubbier end hides a sponge to foam up your cleanser. (It pops out if preferred, however.) You can also use it for massaging in products, and it’s just as effective at cleaning makeup sponges. “The deepest and most soothing clean I’ve ever been able to get on my face,” a fan raved.


A Sugar-Based Lip Balm Pencil That Exfoliates For Softer Skin

When you first apply Revlon’s exfoliating lip balm, gritty sugar goes to work scrubbing away dead skin before slowly dissolving into the formula. Mango seed butter and raspberry oil are deeply nourishing — your lips will feel quenched for up to 24 hours — and the mint flavor is subtle yet refreshing. “This exfoliant worked wonders,” a reviewer with chronic dry lips reported, calling it their “new little miracle on a stick.” Apply before lipstick to ensure a smooth canvas for your favorite hues.


A Heated Lash Curler For Lift That Lasts All Day

This heated curler sculpts a curve on even tough-to-crimp lashes. Three temperature settings let you choose the most comfortable level, and it heats up in 10 seconds flat while plastic teeth ensure there’s always a gap between your skin and the plates. The casing and cap make it portable to toss in your carry-on and the USB charger keeps it powered anywhere you go.


These Genius Tiny Spatulas For Getting Every Last Drop In The Bottle

You know how there’s always seemingly a ton of unreachable product left over at the end of a bottle? These beauty spatulas make it easy to reach the last dregs of your favorites so nothing goes to waste. Their 8-inch handles are long enough for most bottles under a liter and are super flexible so you can work from every angle. The tapered silicone paddle heads get deep into corners and are small enough for decanting into travel containers.


An Overnight Teeth Whitener That Couldn’t Be Easier To Use

Over 35,000 Amazon shoppers have raved about Colgate’s Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen for gentle yet effective results without any difficult-to-use strips or trays. Just paint it on and let the gentle 3% hydrogen peroxide formula lift stains while you sleep, then brush in the morning to reveal a brighter smile. One pen comes pre-loaded with over a full month of treatments and will remove up to 15 years of stains in the first week.


A Cooling Roll-On Solution That Soothes Angry Razor Bumps

This razor bump solution can knock out inflammation and reduce ingrown hair whether you shave, wax, or tweeze. Beta hydroxy acids and skin-clearing salicylic acid are dermatologist favorites for treating post-shave irritation while preventing ingrown hairs. The roll-on formula glides over skin so it’s easy to apply anywhere right out of the shower.


These Self-Tanning Towelettes That Fake A Vacation Glow

L’Oreal’s self-tanning towelettes are a convenient way to get a nearly-instant tan without any mitts or mousse (or harmful rays), and the compact size makes them ideal for travel. Prep your skin and swipe the pre-saturated towelette over your skin thoroughly. The formula is infused with alpha hydroxy acids and vitamin E for glowing results. In just a few hours, you’ll have a believable, streak-free finish.


A Refillable Nail Polish Remover Pen For Pro-Level Manicures At Home

OPI’s nail polish remover pen makes cleaning up stray polish super easy, so you can keep DIYing your mani. It’s relatively eco-friendly, too: the pen is built to refill with your favorite polish remover once it runs out, and they even include a replacement tip for down the line.


This Bougie Set Of Lip Stains Inspired By Vintage Wines

Whether or not you’re an oenophile, it’s hard to resist these fun wine lip stains with their grand cru tints and all-day wear. Their vivid hues go on semi-sheer with major impact and easily build up for more intense color. The budge-proof matte finish is lightly moisturizing so the long-wearing formula won’t dry your lips out over the course of the day (but it’s easy to layer with balm for more intense hydration).


This Trio Of Potent K-Beauty Face Masks With Galactic Sparkle

You won’t be able to resist taking a selfie in these fan favorite chrome masks with their iridescent finish thanks to diamond, ruby, and sapphire powder; it would be a joy to use them even if they weren’t so wildly effective. One brightens skin with oat extract, another exfoliates with ruby powder, and the third mask features volcanic ash to purify skin and clean pores.


A Blackhead Remover That Deep Cleans Pores

Reach for this blackhead remover if you’ve ever wanted to take a Dyson to your skin. The handheld device functions like a miniature vacuum cleaner to extract deep-seated dirt and sebum with multiple attachments that target different areas of your face with several strength settings whether you want more or less turbo power. The settings and battery level displays clearly on an LCD screen, and it only needs to charge via USB about once per month.


The Magnetic False Lashes That Amazon Beauty Fanatics Swear By

These magnetic false lashes deliver dramatic fringe that’s easy to apply, stays in place, and rivals the look of pricey extensions. The waterproof black liquid liner is infused with micromagnetic pigments that the luxe dimensional lashes adhere directly onto for a foolproof look. They’re cleaner and more secure than lashes applied with glue, and these are reusable. “These magnetic lashes are a PERFECT solution. They are simple to put on, stay in place all day (even in wind) and look fantastic,” one fan wrote.


This Moisturizing Balm For An Instant Dewy Sheen

Honest Beauty’s Magic Beauty Balm certainly lives up to the name. This all-purpose salve packs a glowy finish with rich butters and moisturizing sunflower and coconut oils to hydrate parched skin. Glide it across any bit of skin that feels dry and could use some moisture. Get it in a stick or a compact style: whatever’s most convenient for you.


A Keratin Mist With Heat Protection For Strong, Shiny Hair

Just a few spritzes of the Chi Keratin Mist will help repair damage and restore softness to hair while protecting against the ravages of heat styling. Keratin, silk, and panthenol fortify strands along with botanical extracts that lightly condition without weighing hair down. One fan gushed, “Makes my hair nice and silky, never greasy or heavy. […] This is great for refreshing waves or on straighter days. I spray it on when the weather is super humid and it helps control frizz, almost like a hairspray.”


These Reusable Cleansing Pads With Their Own Storage Pouch

These reusable makeup remover pads are a soft, sustainable alternative to disposable makeup wipes when you add a gentle cleanser. They’re easy to wash thanks to an included laundry bag (so they won’t slowly go missing) and the sturdy container is ideal for countertop storage. With proper care, they’ll last for years and are fully biodegradable once they’re spent.


An Award-Winning Drugstore Concealer

Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind concealer is a cult beauty favorite with over 72,000 five-star ratings. The brightening formula contains goji berry and a peptide compound to strengthen and protect delicate skin around the eye, and the sponge tip applicator blends everything together seamlessly.


An Nano Ionic Steamer For Spa-Worthy Facials At Home

This facial steamer generates an ultra-fine therapeutic mist that’s more effective at opening pores and boosting circulation at a price that’s easy on the wallet. It heats up quickly in just 30 seconds for up to 10 minutes of zen time with automatic shutoff so you don’t have to lift a finger. The removable water tank makes it a cinch to refill, and it comes with a set of extractors for even deeper pore cleansing.


A Hydrating Gel Primer With Honeydew Melon Extract

Give yourself a hydrated complexion with this vegan foundation primer. It combines several hydrating ingredients — melon, honey, collagen, and hyaluronic acid — that will ensure a smooth canvas if you apply foundation. Though, after using this, you may not want to cover up that glow. “I don’t know how I lived without it,” one fan gushed. “The bottle isn’t huge but I’ll be damned if it only takes a little bit to get the desired results. I’ll be buying the product over and over again.”


A Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set For A Relaxing Facial Massage

Over 22,000 Amazon shoppers gave this jade roller and gua sha duo an overwhelmingly enthusiastic rating, crediting the set with reducing chronic undereye bags and easing tense brows. The double-ended jade roller offers two sizes for targeted massage while the gua sha may contour cheeks and boost lymphatic drainage. Store it in the fridge for enhanced soothing benefits. “It kinda just seemed too good to be true. But honestly I am so happy I purchased this. When I wake up, it’s the first thing I do,” a shopper admitted. “By the time I’m done using this set I feel so refreshed and ready to take on the day.”


A Top Coat That Adds Much-Needed Moisture To Long-Wearing Lip Colors

Budge-proof lipstick is notorious for drying out lips in the name of longevity. Enter: COVERGIRL Outlast All Day Top Coat, which adds vital moisture without disrupting the color underneath, no matter which brand you’re using. Shea butter and coconut oil soak in deep for comfort that lasts as long as your signature shade. “It adds just the right amount of moisture without removing or changing the lipstick colors,” a reviewer praised. Need a new hue? get this paired with dozens of colors in the same listing.


This Scalp Brush With An Oddly Devoted Following

Over 58,000 Amazon shoppers have given this silicone scalp massage brush a nearly-perfect rating. The ergonomic shape cups easily into your palm with a thick stem for better grip under the shower, while thick nubby bristles deliver a toe-curling deep clean that sweeps away flakes and build-up. Fans claimed it helped with everything from dandruff to seborrheic dermatitis. “I preach the wonders of this thing to anyone and everyone who will listen,” a shopper professed. “It lathers beautifully, cleans my scalp, and distributes conditioner evenly. Also, the feeling is spine-tingling, literally like having a tiny hair stylist just washing your hair for you.”


These Aluminum-Free Deodorant Wipes That Refresh On The Go

Pacifica’s deodorant wipes are intended for underarms, but the formula is gentle enough to use anywhere. Coconut milk, witch hazel, and sage extract are cleansing and soothing to mop up sweat and leave a fresh scent behind that lets you move on with your day. The packs are nicely sized for tossing into a gym duffel, camp bag, or glove compartment so you always have something handy. “These wipes leave you feeling fresh and clean even when you shouldn’t be. If I don’t have time to shower after the gym but have to do errands, I wipe one of these on my pits and it’s as if nothing ever happened,” a shopper noted.


This Drugstore Brow Tint Creates Arches That Last For Days

Maybelline Brow Tattoo will revolutionize your morning routine, depositing color on hair and skin to create brows that look freshly filled for at least three days. Paint it on, wait 20 minutes, then peel it off just like a face mask to reveal shaped arches that easily last through a holiday weekend. “I spend a couple minutes applying this once a week and it has saves me so much time in the morning that I would normally spend filling in my brows,” a fan raved of the convenience, and over 32,000 Amazon shoppers gave it similarly enthusiastic reviews.


A Primer Stick For Spot-Treatment Smoothing

This genius little spot primer blurs pores and reduces foundation creasing wherever you want an extra-airbrushed look. The stick format makes it easy to target small areas, and it’s handy to keep in a bag for touch-ups since the multitasking primer can be applied over or under foundation. It also dries completely clear on skin.


A Tiny Cordless Flatiron That Fits In Your Purse

Travel-sized convenience meets full-sized power in this cordless mini flatiron. It heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit — powerful enough to smooth thick hair without frying finer types — and allows for 15 minutes of cord-free styling before automatically shutting off to protect both safety and battery life. Charge it up via USB, then tuck it into your gym bag or carry-on. It’s barely longer than the palm of your hand and easy to take anywhere for touchups.


A Korean Peeling Gel With Exfoliating Fruit Enzymes

The SKINFOOD Pineapple Peeling Gel is an ultra-effective K-beauty exfoliator that numerous shoppers dubbed a holy grail product. Pineapple and alpha hydroxy acids along with gentle cellulose particles eradicate dead skin, which gently rolls up into tiny balls that easily rinse away to reveal a brighter complexion underneath. “Smells a little weird, but holy s*** is my face so smooth after this. I can’t say enough good stuff about this product, I share it with everyone,” a fan wrote.


An Acne Healing Patch That Treats Multiple Breakouts At Once

These extra-large hydrocolloid patches can shrink clusters of angry breakouts fast. The medical-grade hypoallergenic patches gently yet effectively draw out fluid while protecting inflamed skin so it can heal more quickly, and the curved shape folds neatly over cheekbones or chins. And since they’re right on your face, you’ll appreciate the relatively matte finish. “If you had one across your nose at first glance no one would notice,” one reviewer wrote of their transparency. “And they work. Wow do they work. I’m almost frightened at the amount of gunk that came off.”


An Exfoliating Face Brush That’s Gentle On Sensitive Skin

The soft, densely-packed bristles on this brush gently deep clean your skin without scratching to scour away the day’s grime (and yesterday’s, too). It’ll also foam your cleanser to new heights. Cheeks are left clear, glowing, and super-soft. It’s curved to fit nicely in the palm of your hand, and the lightweight bamboo is naturally water-resistant so you can keep it in the shower.


A Self-Steaming Sheet Mask That Leaves Hair Impossibly Soft

Glossier hair is just 15 minutes away when you pop on the Hair Sheep Steam Pack. Within seconds it generates a therapeutic warmth so the active ingredients can penetrate deeply into your hair. Goat’s milk combined and collagen deeply nourish hair for improved strength and shine that last through multiple washes. Shoppers with damaged ends raved about their newfound silkiness, and others were amazed by the “mirror-like” results.


This Drugstore Nail Strengthener With An Underground Cult Following

With nearly 30,000 five-star ratings the dirt-cheap Hard As Hoof nail cream is an unexpected hit. The formula has been trusted for decades to moisturize cuticles and strengthen brittle nails with its cocktail of calcium, protein, and nourishing oils. Nails grow longer without peeling or splitting and chipped tips become a thing of the past. “For the first time in my life I actually have to file down my nails to keep them from getting too long,” a reviewer gushed.


This Mood Ring Nail Polish That Shifts With The Temperature

These color-changing gel nail polishes are so much fun. When properly cured, their pigments adjust to the ambient temperature for up to two weeks of eye-catching color play and chip-free wear. The two-toned effect works best on longer nails, but you’ll get a good tonal shift regardless. And the longevity? Lives up to gel’s reputation. “Week later, looks great and still changes color. I’ve done yard work, float trips, heavy cleaning and dishes, this stuff is staying strong,” a shopper reported.


These Adhesive Stencils For A Flawless Throwback French Manicure

Orly’s French manicure guides make steady hands unnecessary to master the classic nail art. Pop these curved stickers beneath the tips of your nails and paint with abandon, then peel them off to reveal a crisp clean French tip and follow with top coat. Pro tip: if you use a base coat, make sure it’s completely dry before applying the guides.


This Detoxifying Bar Soap With Natural Charcoal

This MARLOWE charcoal soap is unexpectedly luxe. Its rich lather has an alluring woodsy fragrance while natural pumice and charcoal get down and dirty removing grime and purifying pores. Olive oil and creamy shea butter add moisture while green tea and willow bark extracts refresh the skin. “This is a big bar and should last a while.


A French Girl Skincare Favorite That’s Clinically Proven

Thermal spring water taken from a single remote village in France is infused with trace minerals and nutrients that have turned Avène Eau Thermale into a beauty guru staple. The ultra-fine mist diffuses soothing hydration, vitamins, and antioxidants onto skin and hair to instantly refresh, calm, and repair. Mist it on before moisturizing to lock in extra hydration, use it as a setting spray over foundation, or keep it in the fridge on sweltering days. Amazon shoppers swear the hype is real. “I don’t know how or why, nor do I really care anymore, but this stuff is amazing. There is not a single day that goes by that I do not use it.”


A Pack Of Eye Shadow Stencils For Your Sharpest Cut Crease

Smokey eyes: no cleanup required. These adhesive eye shadow stencils catch fallout and guarantee a defined, straight line at the outer corner for pro-level eye looks. The crescent shape fits under your eye or along the outer corner, allowing you to place it at multiple angles for whatever face of the day you want to create. “Game changer for achieving that ‘snatched’ edge,” a reviewer declared. For just $6 you get a pack of 100.


A Volcanic Stone Roller That Works Better Than Blotting Papers

Revlon’s oil-absorbing face roller is worth making room for in your makeup bag. The polished volcanic stone absorbs excess sebum to leave a velvety finish behind without the need for multiple blotting papers. Over 12,000 shoppers gave it a five-star rating for its innovation and efficacy.


A Trio Of Sheer, Juicy Lip Tints In The Prettiest Packaging

These sheer tinted lip balms react to your individual skin chemistry and deepen to a natural flush in three wearable shades with gorgeous packaging. Cocoa butter, olive oil, and vitamin E deeply moisturize lips, and the millennial pink case is luxe enough to star in a flatlay. “I don’t typically review but this stuff rocks,” a convert wrote. “Instant moisture and a pop of color that lasts. It makes the lips feel great and it is pretty — well worth the money.”


A Plant-Based Shampoo Bar With Hydrating Ingredients

This plant-based shampoo bar features coconut and aloe for a hydrating wash that cleanses without stripping your hair of its moisture. Going with a bar instead of a bottle cuts down on plastic use, and this one is packaged without any plastic at all. Plus, it will last up to two months with frequent use. One shopper reports, “This shampoo bar is by far the best one I’ve tried so far. It actually lathers and my hair does not feel dry after I use it.”


A Cooling Ice Roller That Refreshes Tired Skin

You’ll be so glad you got this ice roller on a day you have a major tension headache or just simply need a refreshing facial massage. Keep the roller head in the freezer for an immediately cooling effect as you roll the massager across your face, soothing inflamed, tired, or puffy skin. It’s also useful for migraines, sinuses pressure, and hot flashes — with over 9,000 five-star ratings to back it up.


A Nourishing Oil Stick That’s Surprisingly Adorable

K-beauty favorite TONYMOLY has an emollient moisture stick that’s a skincare heavy-hitter in some seriously cute packaging. Rose oil is blended with jojoba and argan oil along with antioxidant-rich rosehip extract for a soothing and hydrating effect. All that rose also gives the blush-pink salve an intoxicating fragrance. Dab it on lips, cuticles, and dry elbows for an instant sheen.


This Heat-Resistant Silicone Mat For Safely Resting Hot Tools

Protect countertops and peace of mind with this two-in-one styling tool mat and pouch. It’s made from silicone that can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit — far above a flatiron’s capabilities — providing a protective surface when you’re styling and a safe space for tools to cool down. If you’re in a rush, you can slip your curling iron or straightener inside the pocket for immediate storage.


The Microfiber Hair Towels That Cut Blowout Times In Half

These microfiber hair towels remove up to 75% of water from your hair so it dries that much faster — which means less heat styling time. They can also reduce frizz since they’re gentler than cotton terry towels, and each one has a button and loop to keep the towel perfectly positioned on your head.


A Potent Callus Remover That Reveals Softer Skin In Minutes — Without Weeks Of Peeling

This callus remover is not for the faint of heart, but it gets instant results. Soak feet in warm water until soft, then dab the gel only on the areas you want to treat and let it sink in for a few minutes before going to town with a pumice stone. You’ll shed years of tough, cracked skin — the results are on par with a foot peel and just as shocking, but you won’t have to molt for two weeks. Over 27,000 shoppers gave it a rave review for thorough, effective pedicures.


A Tweezer Set That Grabs Every Last Hair

With slanted, blunt, and needle-nose tips, this comprehensive travel-sized tweezer set makes precise care possible anywhere in the world, whether you’re tweezing brows or going after a splinter. Their stainless steel bodies are rustproof to ensure long-term use and are angled to create ideal tension for grabbing small targets. The storage case keeps them organized and protected. For such a utilitarian pick, they have a devoted following: over 21,000 fans left a five-star rating for the set.

Table of Contents