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The Female Taurus – 5 Tricks to Get Her Attracted to You Big Time

The Female Taurus – 5 Tricks to Get Her Attracted to You Big Time
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Taureans (especially the female counterpart) are very romantic. The female Taurus have deep appreciation of beauty and love and they can get overtly passionate over something that interests them. As a result, they can be very vindictive as well, to the point of obsession. The love hard and hate hard — they are a fixed symbol that’s why it can be a little difficult to convince them to believe in something their attention has already been focused on something else. But all in all, being loved by a Taurus female is definitely a whirlwind and will take you to different heights of passion you never knew existed. How to attract the female bull? Here the top five tricks to get her attracted to you big time:

  • Spoil her. The female Taurus has a tendency to be overtly romantic and sweet — they don’t care how much it’ll cost or how far they need to go to make you happy — they will still do it, no questions about that. So go ahead and do the same for her too every once in a while. Spoiling her might actually work for the both of you.
  • Always be sweet and romantic. When she’s down, happy, sick, nervous — whatever she’s feeling, you need to maintain being sweet and romantic. It’s like her maintenance. She loves to see her guy remaining as he is and would not get affected whatever tantrums she starts to throw in the future.
  • Avoid arguing with her. It’s hard to make a Taurus woman snap but once she does, watch out — it’s an explosion. She is as harsh and temperamental as a bull. Arguing with her is fine but try not to drive her over the edge — it can be difficult to tame her back.
  • Appreciate her passions. Taurus women are on a fixed sign that’s why they tend to be focused on something they’re so passionate about. It bothers her a lot when you don’t approve of what she does but don’t expect her to change it for you as well — she pursued it, she’ll have it.
  • She falls hard. It takes time to make a Taurus woman fall for you but when she does, she falls hard. She’s not into flings and short-term relationships. She thinks hard and long before entering a relationship but once she does, she will pour all the remaining passion inside her to the very last drop — her intensity is incredible, making her more desirable and worth the effort.

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