12 Best Eyebrow Gels 2021
12 best eyebrow gels for definition and fullness, according to beauty pros


Everyone knows about eyebrow pencils for filling in arches and eyebrow serums to help with growth, but eyebrow gels are actually one of the top beauty editor and makeup artist go-to eyebrow products, since they’re easy to use and almost foolproof.

So what exactly does eyebrow gel do? The gel formulas contain ingredients like polymers and waxes that help tame and shape brow hairs, plus hold them in place. Brow gels come in both tinted and clear versions; those that are tinted can also help fill in gaps in the arches and add definition. Some eyebrow gels are also infused with tiny synthetic fibers, which can help temporarily make brows look fuller and fill sparse areas. As for the best way to use an eyebrow gel, they often come with an included brow brush or applicator, so experts recommend brushing the gel through arches from the inner corners out for the best shape, repeating if necessary.

But first, find the best eyebrow gel for you from these Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab expert-recommended and shopper top-rated picks, including drugstore buys.

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Best Overall Eyebrow Gel

Gimme Brow+ Tinted Volumizing Eyebrow Gel

Benefit Cosmetics


From a brand known for their eyebrow innovations, Benefit’s tinted brow gel in a wide range of 10 shades (including gray!) is a favorite among several GH Beauty Lab experts and editors. “The gel feels light on the eyebrows and doesn’t stiffen up, so I can move my

Here are her make-up secrets and techniques

I Did not Wake Up Like This is Yahoo Life’s attractiveness series in which specialists, influencers and stars share their strategies to pores and skin treatment, from their beloved products and solutions to their every day routine that retains their pores and skin wholesome and glowing.

Fashion blogger Isabella Thorp definitely has a passion for vogue, but she also appreciates that the suitable makeup completes any glance — particularly on day nights. With that in thoughts, the 53-year-previous influencer, who has extra than 40k followers on her Instagram account @confessionsofasuperager, shares her go-to day night time makeup program for girls 50 and older with Yahoo Lifestyle.

1st, Thorp recommends starting up with a primer, these types of as Trinny London BFF Skin Perfector. “It offers you a bit of glow already,” she suggests. Which is followed by basis. Her favored is Laura Geller Baked Harmony-n-Brighten Shade Correcting Foundation, which is created for experienced complexions and adjusts to match skin tone. “I’m a enormous enthusiast of this merchandise mainly because it offers me a mild coverage [and] still lets my freckles glow via, which I enjoy,” suggests Thorp.

Next up, she pats concealer together her under eye area to brighten any darkish circles with Pur 4-in-1 Sculpting Concealer, which has moisturizing shea butter, as effectively as anti-aging retinol. She also dabs it together her upper lip to “cover up my hyperpigmentation.”

Influencer and style blogger Isabella Thorp, 53, shares her favorite date night makeup routine. (Photo: Isabella Thorp)

Influencer and type blogger Isabella Thorp, 53, shares her favorite date night make-up routine. (Photo: Isabella

Santa’s reindeer have a ton of nonmagical family members, but they’re exclusive, too

Reindeer may perhaps not be indigenous to Texas, but nine of them will swoop into city Christmas Eve when Santa Claus can make his yearly rounds all around the entire world.

There is no denying the magical powers of these furry sleigh-pullers. Immediately after all, they fly throughout time zones with a shiny crimson-nosed Rudolph to guide them. But nearer to Earth, these amazing animals have their share of much less-well known kinfolk.

Consider Crystal and Holly. They may not jet St. Nick around the world, but they continue to unfold Xmas cheer in and all over Texas via Zoomagination, a nonprofit in the vicinity of San Antonio that residences and rehabilitates exotic animals.

Every single holiday year, Zoomagination showcases 1 or more of its 4 resident reindeer at colleges, corporate shindigs and other activities, entertaining and educating the community about the serious magic driving these famed Xmas creatures.

“I usually inform children there’s a motive why Santa selected reindeer,” stated Zoomagination co-director Robert Trejo. “Because they’re rapidly and they are really adaptable to different climates. They can adapt to chilly and freezing and heat. They can swim. And they are some of the only animals that can see in ultraviolet light.”

Even the “normal” reindeer are even now very distinctive. Here’s a closer look at how.

We really should really phone them caribou. Technically, the expression “reindeer” applies only to people animals in Europe. In North America, they are identified as caribou. The expression “caribou” stems from the

CA Mid State Fair: Country singer grew up on SLO County ranch

Country singer Callie Twisselman smiled as she saddled a chocolate-brown horse named Cash on her family’s Shandon ranch. Behind the stables, acres of golden grass and barley swayed in the summer breeze.

Twisselman grew up on the 40,000-acre ranch, which her family has had for seven generations. That’s where she learned to ride horses, care for cattle and sing.

Now Twisselman, who lives and works in Nashville, returns to the ranch every two months to visit her family.

”This is who I am and where I’m from,” said Twisselman. “It’s really good to get back to your roots.”

On Friday, Twisselman will open for country duo Big & Rich at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles. Taking the stage at the Chumash Grandstand Arena, she’ll perform songs from her new EP “Closure,” which was inspired by her childhood on the ranch.

Then, on Saturday, she’ll compete in the fair’s Country Rodeo.

“Coming back to San Luis Obispo to sing live at the fair is really like a full-circle moment,” Twisselman said. “I’m really excited because I love being home.”

baby callie twisselman .jpeg
Callie Twisselman riding a horse on the family ranch at 3-years-old. Courtesy of Callie Twisselman

Growing up country in SLO County

A school bus used to rumble through the Twisselman Ranch each weekday — passing cattle grazing under a wide, blue sky, before dropping off Twisselman, her siblings and cousins at their grandma’s house.

Most of Twisselman’s family lives on the ranch. Her grandma is up the hill from

In this article Are Some Clear Beauty Brands We Consider You Really should Know

There was a time when products and solutions deemed cleanse elegance could only be identified at your natural grocery suppliers. Not only have been the clean splendor makes not easily available and really minimal, they were being not inclusive at all. In recent decades, attractiveness makes have started out earning their solutions much more eco helpful and much superior for your overall body. 

So, what precisely is clean up splendor? Mainly, clean attractiveness goods are produced without elements that are poisonous or damaging to the system. There is no tough and quick rule on what constitutes clean components, which is why the time period clean up magnificence can be a bit controversial.

Simply incorporating a inexperienced leaf to the packaging or using “vegan” or “cruelty free” doesn’t necessarily mean the solution is designed with all natural substances. Label transparency assists in discerning whether or not or not a item is safe and healthier for you. Clean up attractiveness is not 100% best by any signifies, there are components that are person produced that are also non-harmful. 

The attractiveness industry at this time does not control solutions more than enough to certify them as clear, so we count on our investigate and model transparency to give us products that are toxin cost-free, paraben cost-free and typically will not bring about harm to our pores and skin and physique. We know this appears like a large amount, so we’re likely to aid our viewers out by offering you a breakdown of some