Beauty Therapy Exam Papers – Questions for Exam Success

Beauty Therapy exam papers are most commonly multiple choice papers. The student has four possible answers to choose from per question and they are allowed to pick only one. As a result there is no room for error.

When revising for Beauty Therapy exams it is advisable to use multiple choice revision questions. This enables the student to become familiar with the layout of the exam paper which better prepares them for their exams.

Some of the areas included in Beauty Therapy include;
– Facial Treatments
– Hair Removal Techniques
– Make Up
– Manicure & Pedicure
– Body Massage

Because of the amount of information that needs to be covered, a large set of revision questions is needed to prepare for exam success. Some examples include:

01. Glycerine is best used for;
a) Young skin
b) Dry skin – Answer
c) Oily skin
d) Sensitive skin

02. What muscle opens the upper eyelid?
a) Levator palpebrae – Answer
b) Masseter
c) Orbicularis oculi
d) Sternocleidomastoid

03. What is the outer layer of the hair called?
a) Medulla
b) Follicle
c) Cortex
d) Cuticle – Answer

04. The wrist bones are known as;
a) Phalanges
b) Metacarpals
c) Tarsals
d) Carpals – Answer

It cannot be over emphasized that using revision multiple choice questions is absolutely essential for your exam success. The saying ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ is so true here. You need to consistently revise your questions, take a number daily and learn them. Test yourself often, this is important. …

History of Gucci Sunglasses

They’re the favorite of Hollywood stars and just about everyone else on this planet. Indeed, the power and popularity of Gucci sunglasses cannot be ignored. Young and old alike love them and they have become a part of our culture. But how did it all start?

Gucci sunglasses have a long and colorful history. The brand began in 1906 when 25 year-old Guccio Gucci founded a saddelry shop in Florence and called it the House of Gucci. As a maker of fine lather goods, Gucci sold leather bags in the 1920s to horsemen and later moved on to luxury luggage items when his clients graduated to cars and other horseless carriages. The first retail shop was established in 1938 on Rome’s Via Condotti.

In the 1960s, Gucci became even more popular when Hollywood stars like Peter Sellers, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn were associated with the brand. Jackie Kennedy Onassis was also photographed with a Gucci shoulder bag which was later called the “Jackie O.” At this time, the company used the “GG” logo.

In the 1990s, Tom Ford took the reins as the executive head of Gucci and “reintroduced” the brand. He breathed new life into the brand by developing various products including colognes, perfumes, cosmetics, shoes, suitcases, watches, ties and the ever popular Gucci sunglasses.

What makes these sunglasses a favorite of several stars? Aside from its high price, every Gucci pair oozes with style, class and grandeur. These sunglasses reflect trendy styles that look good and work …

Is Sandra Bullock Promiscuous?

Sandra has the long face which indicates she is assertive, belligerent, inventive, resourceful, and a leader. She feels fear. Works best independently, and has to learn self-confidence.

Forehead is domed and high. She is creative in her thinking, with intelligence. She had a good childhood and is close to her parents.

Her eyebrows curved, long low and elegant. She is informal with a quick mind and will live a long life. She likes her world to be peaceful and calm. She is a systematic thinker, with a delicate metabolism.

The large brown eyes are emotional and charismatic. The upper lid shows she has a strong need for bonding and intimacy. The lower lid shows she has a strong sexual appetite. Her eyes are pointed on the inside indicating an uneven fortune around mid life. The peacock shaped eyes show her emotions, charm, and jealousy. They are set far apart denoting she is tolerant.

The turned up high nose shows she likes to help, be of service, accepting, gullible. Her work needs to be emotionally satisfying. The closed nostrils shows she takes risks and is independent. She is conservative in her spending. The nose dimple indicates she had difficulty finding her niche in life.

The large mouth shows she is confident and an extrovert. The full lips indicate she is expressive, generous and sensuous. She has a great capacity for love. The lower lip is thicker showing she is a good speaker and persuasive. The mouth doesn’t close completely, which is …

How to Maintain the Beauty of Your Shawls and Scarves

Shawls and scarves are in fact useful extras. To preserve its durability and splendor, they should be placed in a suitable storage. They need to be stored separately from standard garments. There are some recommendations and recommendations specified by gurus for the proper way of organizing well-cherished shawls and scarves.

The first tip is to clip your scarves with a clothespin on your hanger. Hold it on your closet doorway or beside your closet. The 2nd a person is to retail outlet your scarves in an over the door see by way of shoe rack. The third suggestion is to keep your scarves on a hanger made for the purpose of storing scarves.

Illustrations of a hanger produced for scarves are the scarf spinner, 10-gap scarf hanger, non-slip tie and belt valet, horizontal tie and accessory hanger and the non-slip 24 peg tile or belt rack. If not, you can make your individual scarves hanger, developing loops on the base to keep your scarves.

A further established of measures in organizing your scarves is as follows initially, acquire all your scarves. Secondly, pare down your assortment. Accomplishing this can make you separate the superior ones to the kinds which want repair. Third, examine your scarves. Group them according to the products they are designed of and see no matter if which amid individuals scarves are applied extra generally. Fourth, area neatly folded scarves into a drawer.

Yet another way of storing your scarves is to neatly and carefully fold them …

Investigation of Hemingway’s Old Guy and the Sea

Hemingway is an all time novelist and is famed for getting gained the Nobel Prize for the novel Aged Guy and the Sea. In the story he develops a relationship with a tiny boy. The tale is about his adventures in fishing.

The prevalent leitmotif of the previous and male and the sea is the sea and man’s partnership with it. The sea is spot from which the old earns his livelihood. The boy is a good pal of the previous gentleman. Their friendship is a long lasting a single. Each individual day he fishes in the sea. The old man’s character is marked by mirth and bonhomie.

There is a rich and delicate literary depth in the novel: aged guy and the sea. A person will have to pay out tribute to Hemingway for the choice use or text. The novel reminds us vividly of images of an impressionistic landscape. The novel is incredibly picturesque. The tone of the novel signifies a narrative of audio. The novel describes many adventures of the aged male t sea. I became fascinated with the views of Hemingway. Hemingway’s writing has induced a style recognised as Hemingwayesque.The Old Male and the sea is an aesthetic artifact. The novel portrays nature in a surreal mode. The old gentleman is tired but he carries on with his do the job with focused zeal. The youthful boy’s enthusiasm is infectious.

In the night time the previous gentleman dreams of the sea and catching a whale. There …