Kashmiri Shawls

The legacy of Indian artwork and tradition resides in Kashmir and this art and culture spans in excess of a range of handicrafts inclusive of Kashmiri Shawls. Shawls of Kashmir ended up popular even at the instances of emperor Ashok ((3rd C BC). However, it is stated that the Scarf Business was set up in Kashmir by Sultan Zain-Ul-Abidin (1420-1470 A.D). He encouraged the marketing of art as an structured trade called “Pashm” or Pashmina.

Background of Kashmiri shawls

The historical past of shawl weaving in India is far a lot more historic, which can be closely related to the references in holy texts like Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Buddhist literature. Shawls are also made available as a image of regard in India. Considering the modern use of Kashmiri Shawls also spelled as Cashmere Shawls is mostly based mostly on style developments. For the day to day authentic time glance or that eye-catching lavish enchantment in get-togethers, Shawls can be wrapped to experience heat and loving. Pashmina Shawls are a will have to-have in your wardrobe to get that Woman-like overall look. The critical is the range and colour you opt for for yourselves.

The variety of Shawls offered in the marketplace is inclusive of Pashmina, Shahtoosh, the famous ‘ring shawl’, ‘tapestry’ shawl, traditional kani shawls, amli or embroidered scarf, and extra. Aside from maintaining you warm and cozy, these shawls make you look classy that can be worn on any season, occasion or celebration. Right now, there are complete array …

Types of Prescription Glasses Lens

Nowadays, there are many online eyeglass stores on the internet. People like to buy eyeglass online because they cost cheaper. The prescription glasses for sale at the local store are usually expensive. By purchasing the prescription glasses online, you will be able to save a great deal of money.

Polycarbonate glasses are specifically designed to be resistant against high impact. People who are involved in the sports activities need to wear polycarbonate glasses. The polycarbonate glasses won’t become broken or get scratched.

Aspheric lenses are different than the standard lenses. Most aspheric lenses have a spherical shape. The surface of the aspheric lenses can be made up of different curvature degrees. It has a thinner and flatter appearance compare with other lenses. Aspheric lenses have a larger viewable portion in comparison with the standard lenses.

Polarized prescription glasses can block off the light that bounce back from the water or flat surface. The lens is designed in such as way that the sunlight glare is reduced during performing sports activity. Polarized sunglasses can also be worn during driving.

Photochromic lenses are lenses that can change color when a light shines on it. The materials of the photochromic lenses can be glass or plastic. If you wear photochromic glasses, you don’t have to wear sunglasses anymore. Photochromic lens will not become darker inside the car if the windshield blocks the ultraviolet sun rays.

Bifocal lens is multifocal lenses that are splitted into two sections. The upper part of the prescription glass …

How to Sell Sunglasses in Your Store in 5 Steps

Having the right sunglass display rack is essential in attracting customers to buy your sunglasses. In fact, it is one of the best strategies you can do to increase your sales. Sunglasses are used by most people that it has become a valuable accessory even for the non-active persons. They come in different shapes and sizes which not only protect your eyes, but have also become an extension of your style. Because of the different designs of sunglasses, it has become a must-have ornament and you can definitely see the variation on sunglasses display fixtures.

Here’s how to sell sunglasses in your store in 5 steps:

1. Display in Check-out Counters – compared to clothes, sunglasses can be tried on easily in less than 15 seconds. If you display these in check-out counters, your customers can try fitting them on while waiting for their turn and add it in their purchase which means added sales.

2. Marketing Promotions – think of gimmicks such as offering a 15% discount on the next pair of sunglasses a customer will purchase. Place a cool image of a model who’s wearing the same pair that you’re selling. These are just a couple of ways that you can do to promote your eyewear on a sunglass display.

3. Train your Salespeople – create a sales pitch and train your people to influence your customers to buy your sunglasses. If you have good salesmen and saleswomen, it will increase your margins.

4. Proper Visualization – place …

African American Female Hair Loss Solution – How to Mature Very long and Balanced Strands Naturally

Hair loss is a trouble that impacts several African American women of all ages. In fact, most women will see that their strands are thinning by the time they reach center age. This issue can be reversed, but you have to act promptly. The most powerful way to address this difficulty is to use an African American woman hair loss remedy together with standard hair reduction solutions.

Motives Why African American Females Drop Strands Excessively
It is crucial for you to locate out why your strands are shedding excessively, prior to you begin cure. Talk with your medical doctor about your signs and symptoms. You may have an fundamental medical problem that could be creating you to lose also lots of strands. Lupus, thyroid issues, a vitamin deficiency, anemia, or pressure can have a detrimental effects on your strands. If you have a healthcare ailment, get it dealt with, and that might be all you have to do to get your strands to increase back again.

Several African American put a lot of stress on their strands in the course of the styling process. Perms, coloring, flat irons, and blow dryers can be harsh and can induce breakage. Restricted braids can independent the strands from the follicles, and induce abnormal shedding. Also, knit caps, and sweaters can cause friction with the strands and bring about them to snap off.

Androgenic Alopecia
Androgenic alopecia is a further prevalent lead to for excessive shedding for African American ladies. You may not have …

Stained Glass Pattern Making

Stained Glass is one of many dying arts. However it is making a come back. Designs can be traditional, modern, abstract or realistic. Learn how to create your own designs for stained glass. The Do’s and Don’ts, and what needs to be considered when drawing up a pattern. Leaded or copper foil panels can be fitted directly into a wooden frame or enclosed within a double glazing unit, in effect triple glazing a window. Free Hanging pieces can also be made, such as Sun-catchers, mirrors, wall decorations, clocks, candle holders, and many more.

Before you start a pattern it is a good idea to be aware of some of the restrictions that are specific to working with glass in either the leaded or copper foil methods. When your pattern is complete, and ready to be made feel free to contact me via my website details of which can be found at the end of the article

  1. Try to avoid a cross roads (X) or lines that go straight across from one side to another in your pattern especially for copper foil as this would be a weak point in the finished piece. (this is not so important for lead work, and many traditional patterns do include these shapes, but it is still better to be avoided if possible).
  2. Try to avoid internal right angels (or sharper as in the letter V). as the glass would most likely crack spreading from the point of the right angle. Therefore there needs to