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Girls’ Wakeboard – Is It Different From a Man’s?

Girls’ Wakeboard – Is It Different From a Man’s?
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Wakeboards come in various styles and designs. Accordingly, girls’ wakeboard is different from the ones for men, in terms of size and design although the functionality remains the same.

Wakeboarding is a relatively new, extremely challenging water sport that is a combination of water surfing and skiing. They are a blend of surfboards and snowboards that float on water. They are shorter in length and wider which is what makes it buoyant. Although the sport was dominated by men in the past, women too are now not left behind with professional women’s wakeboarders like Corrie Dyer and Raimi Merritt creating quite a stir in this sport. Today, there are wakeboards that cater to girls and women. The major difference between a girls’ wakeboard and that of a man’s is that the girls’ board is specifically meant for girls. Apart from certain basic differences, the functionality remains the same like any other ordinary wakeboard.

If you think it is difficult to find a wakeboard for a girl, you would be surprised. Several companies make wakeboards specifically for girls in various designs and styles. Basically they vary depending on the height, weight and physique of the individual. Since a woman would weigh less than a man and the average woman is shorter than a man, girls’ wakeboard is usually lighter and weighs less. Since the centre of gravity of a woman is different from that of a man, the wakeboards made for women are also different keeping this fact in mind.

When it comes to wakeboard bindings, in case of girls’ wakeboard, the binding is slightly narrower in the heel as compared to that of a man’s. Although both men’s and women’s wakeboard may seem to be the same at first glance, definitely the size and position of the bindings vary due to differences in body type. Wakeboard vests ensure that you wade safely and surf on water with no difficulty. Hence they have to be of right size. The size of these vests is based on the chest circumference and weight. Accordingly, girls’ wakeboard vest will be different from that of a man’s as a woman’s chest circumference and weight would obviously be different from that of a man’s. It is important that the vest fits you just right and doesn’t choke you when you are wakeboarding. Generally the vest designed for a woman would facilitate more movement and their style is more feminine. Usually, they are shorter than a man’s vest and fits more snugly.

The colors and designs on girls wakeboard are more feminine. For example, wakeboards meant for a woman could have pink designs and colors on it. If you are specifically on the lookout for girls’ wakeboard, keep the above considerations in mind while buying one.