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Create Your Very own Gymnastics Harmony Beam

Create Your Very own Gymnastics Harmony Beam
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There are a number of strategies to make a gymnastics harmony beam for house use. They can run the gamut from the most essential wood beam to just one included with carpet. Or you can make a extra elaborate balance beam padded and wrapped in synthetic suede. Nonetheless you decide, this undertaking just isn’t far too tricky and can save you income. Most materials you need can be located at a area property improvement retailer.

Initial a very little qualifications. All competitive gymnasts are expected to complete on the harmony beam apparatus. Beams used in intercontinental gymnastics competitions should conform to the strict recommendations and specifications set forth by the Intercontinental Gymnastics Federation Equipment Norms. Initially, the equilibrium beam floor was polished wooden. Considering the fact that the 1980s, beams have been coated in artificial suede. Modern competitors beams are also sprung to accommodate the stress of superior-issue tumbling and dance abilities. This is why gymnasts who are competing can be really individual about the equipment they use at the gymnasium vs the equipment you may possibly make at property. Thus, it is constantly a fantastic notion to contemplate the stage of the gymnast when selecting to get started this task

The regulation duration for a level of competition balance beam is 16 ft 5 inches. Lots of property owners can not accommodate an equipment of this size in the residence, as a result choose to make a shorter a person. Numerous property-manufactured harmony beams vary from 8 to 12 toes in length, even so, all are a typical 4 inches in width. The height of the beam will rely on in which it is employed. We do not suggest utilizing stability beams outdoors as it can be difficult to get a secure area to reduce wobbling. Your apparatus must normally be utilised on a flat surface.

For newbies age 3-6 a standard picket beam will deliver a excellent introduction to the activity. As the gymnast receives older this similar equipment can be wrapped in carpet to deliver a bit of padding or you can pick to wrap it in synthetic suede to give it the sensible look and come to feel of a regular stability beam.


(6) 1 x 6 lumber 8 ft. extended (or any preferred length)

(2) 2 x 4 lumber 20″ extended for the legs

Wood Glue (these as Elmer’s Carpenters wood Glue)

3M Spray Adhesive

3″ wood screws

Wooden Stain

Industrial Carpet

Suede Topper for carpet beam (possibility for carpet beam)

4 inch adhesive loop strip (solution for padding)

Synthetic Suede Material (include option)

Iron leg brace possibility

C Clamps


Phase 1

Glue the 6 8-foot items of 1-by-6 inch pine lumber with each other so that their sides are absolutely making contact with 1 another. This will develop a block of wooden that is 8 ft prolonged with a aspect of about 4.5 inches.

Glue liberally between the boards and use clamps to make confident that the glue fastens itself to the wooden. Enable dry right away. Employing a Belt Sander go about overall beam and sand to sleek finish. If staining your beam you can use finer quality sandpaper with an Orbital Sander to generate a clean finish. If masking the beam with carpet or Suede this phase may perhaps be omitted.

Step 2

For a stained picket beam. Following sanding to easy finish, apply stain to your beam.

To make a carpet protected beam you will use weighty-duty staples and wrap the beam with the carpet. Start by stapling carpet to base facet of the stability beam and tightly wrap carpet all around beam and staple underside of beam only. You may also use spray adhesive to even more safe the carpet to the beam.

For a artificial suede coated beam you will want to pad the beam initially employing a neoprene strip. It can be challenging to locate 4 inch huge neoprene which is made use of on expert beams thus quite a few home-designed beams use yoga mats to pad the beam. You do not want the beam to be as well smooth so negligible padding is necessary. Do not staple padding. Use glue only as staples will induce dimples. You can also use 4 inch extensive adhesive peel and adhere loop to create padding as very well. Keep on attaching the suede to the beam by applying spray adhesive to the best and sides of the equilibrium beam. Doing the job from the bottom of the beam, staple the Suede alongside the bottom. This is a 2 human being project as a person desires to tightly pull the Suede all around the beam evenly while it is becoming secured with the adhesive. Make confident your equilibrium beam is entirely dry prior to use.

Move 3

For a basic beam you will screw the (2) 20 inch 2 x 4 wooden braces to each and every finish. Spot each brace at a 90 degree angle to the beam 12 inches from every conclusion.

Alternatively, you can acquire iron made balance beam braces you just screw into the bottom of your beam. These braces come in a wide range of heights and can even make your beam adjustable. It is achievable to transform your standard beam to metal braces afterwards on. Just one benefit to metal braces is they are tall ample to enable a mat to slide under the equilibrium beam when the gymnast is utilizing it.


Use house-made balance beams at your have discretion. As your beam is not a skillfully manufactured piece of products it is only as potent as your craftsmanship. Use with supervision as gymnastics is a sport with inherent danger of achievable personal injury.