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Head Flexpoint 130 Squash Racquet Assessment

Head Flexpoint 130 Squash Racquet Assessment
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Energy is wonderful in squash, but only if you can handle it. Regulation of electric power is achievable via flexibility! Not your very own overall flexibility, but your racquet’s versatility!

Standard racket model and design has led to racquet’s getting stiffer and stiffer products and solutions. This has correctly elevated the electricity of more recent rackets, but this continues to be at the expenditure of handling. You will locate that historically most rackets flex in an equivalent way. Which functions just high-quality, having said that the wonderful gents at Head determined to imagine outside of the box & reinvent the way in which their squash rackets flex.

Head’s engineering innovation seems on the Flexpoint in the kind of two things:


The engineered holes are identified at the three o’clock and the 9 o’clock positions about the frame’s head. They enable the racket to flex in a way distinctive & significantly additional reactive than typical means. The 2 flex holes reduce sectional stiffness by up to fifty per cent!

The dimples are basically engineered to make added overall flexibility via the reduction of beam height by 25%!

The string sample of the Head Flexpoint 130 is 12/17. The really long vertical strings make a lot of this racquets enormous electrical power & compliments the tear fall condition of the frame. Intriguingly, the holes and dimples in the body never impact toughness of the frame. So in outcome, the proper way to create electric power is with overall flexibility and controllability! With this mixture you have a racket which will produce rough wall drives and have the ability to recreate yet again and again amazing nick photographs!

A couple dimensions for the Head Flexpoint 130:
—– Bodyweight: 130 grams
—– HEADSIZE: 500 sq.cm.
—– Equilibrium: 33.5 cm/Even

The Head Flexpoint 130 is a mid body weight racquet. It is evenly balanced, though, I are likely to obtain that it FEELS head mild. I say Feel, as this is my private feeling. I have heard many others say various. Having said that, you wouldn’t believe it is head light following the helpful hits that you will blast from it! Nevertheless, it can be noticeable the moment you need fast & correct movements for people at any time essential nick photographs and front wall lobs.

It is a good idea nevertheless to plump up the grip with an more than-grip simply because the inventory 1 which comes with the racket does not survive really extensive. The white grip also appeared filthy within about 5 minutes. Nonetheless, this just isn’t a large problem, with grips selling for usually numerous dollars it can be incredibly conveniently fastened.

For a racquet that states to be for intermediate players, We have seen a wide array of individuals use it. For inexperienced persons a possible substitute for the Head Flexpoint 130 is it is really heavier brother, the Head Flexpoint 150 which is maybe a preferable collection. While the Flexpoint 150 can be a minimal additional demanding to find for sale, the additional 20 grams will make your hits considerably much more constant and amazing. This is a great way to discover a lot quicker & increase your self-assurance. Note that for chilrden and scaled-down ladies the 130 may perhaps most likely even so be preferable to ensure that the lighter fat doesn’t tire your arms out as quick.

Intermediates and over will find the Head Flexpoint 130 an outstanding hit for the cash. The Flexpoint’s potential to fulfill this sort of a broad array of gamers for the expense, and for a number of years now, suggests that this is actually a superior quality squash Racket.

If you will be searching to get a novice racket to introduce you to the sport & one particular that will very last you for a lengthy time, this is is the variety that you ought to make. The decrease cost tag also indicates that the introduction to the sport is far additional pleasant as properly!

If you are trying to get to get a racket to incorporate in your quiver as an intermediate or over, the benefit is still proper & you may come across that the Head Flexpoint 130 has the potential to outshine various rackets two times its marketing value. It has been a very important racket for me at moments & its electric power continue to proceeds to shock me these times. It has been a wonderful backup for me on several events.

I hope this has assisted you make your racket range fewer difficult. Innovative gamers will find the Flexpoint marginally sluggish in their hands, but for every person else you would be challenging pressed to explore a higher racket for the charge.

Thanks! And keep on to appreciate the recreation of Squash!