Are lab grown diamonds real diamonds?

Everything there is to know about lab-grown diamonds and the answer to your question – are they the real deal?


  • When did we first begin to fall in love with diamonds?

  • If lab grown diamonds are real diamonds, what do people mean by “fake diamonds?”

  • How are lab grown diamonds created?

  • What are the benefits of lab grown versus naturally occurring diamonds?

  • Conclusion: Will we ever see lab grown and naturally occurring diamonds in the same way? 

Lavari Brilliant Grown Collection - Lab-grown diamonds

Many people want to know: Are lab-grown diamonds considered real diamonds? It makes sense to question the authenticity of lab grown diamonds. After all, how is a long-treasured and rare creation of nature now simply being developed by humans in a lab? It would seem like the value wouldn’t be the same.

Let’s take a closer look at lab grown diamonds and their significance in the history of diamonds.

When did our love affair with the diamond begin?


While there are textual references to diamonds from as far back as 3000 years ago, the first known example of diamonds being used in ornamentation or jewelry was in a Hungarian royal crown from the year 1074. From that point on it became more and more common to see royalty embrace the diamond as a prize possession and feature it on their jewelry. 

As the popularity of diamonds grew, techniques developed to cut and shape them to enhance their beauty and sparkle. Diamond cutting began in the 15th Century in Paris, and the