8 The Best Heated Vests For Men: For Golf, Hunting and Beyond 2022

Bear with me because I’m about to put the cart before the horse here: The best heated vest is the one that keeps you the warmest while also suiting your lifestyle. And if it happens to look amazing while you’re stoking the fire or ripping down the slopes, all the better.

Heated vests for men are available in all shapes and sizes, and feature options ranging from rechargeable batteries to multiple temperature controls. This small yet mighty addition to your wardrobe is your secret weapon in the fight against the elements, whether you’re skiing, hunting, doing yard work, or catching a football game. Second only to a quality winter coat, a heated vest is a must.

And if you happen to belong to the dwindling group of humans who didn’t know that heated vests for men exist, welcome to the first day of the rest of your torso’s life. (Which is only a weird sentence if you make it a weird sentence.)

Ororo Heated Vest in Antartica
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Ororo Heated Vest

Material: 100% Nylon Shell, 100% Polyester Lining | Sizes Available: XS-5XL | Colors Available: Black | Warming Time: 10hrs | Machine Washable: Yes

Ororo is the undisputed heavyweight champ when it comes to keeping you toasty while looking your best. The brand has an outstanding reputation for producing the best-heated vests (and winter jackets in general) for good reason—it’s even one of the best-rated heated vests on Amazon. The Men’s Classic is breathable, lightweight, and features four carbon fiber heating elements thoughtfully placed throughout the