Clare Dunn Reveal She Was Assaulted by a Lyft Driver in Nashville

Clare Dunn was assaulted by a Lyft driver during a trip in late June, the place singer shares in a new job interview. There is currently a warrant out for the man’s arrest.

To Men and women, Dunn recounts the incident, which took put early on the morning of June 26 in Nashville, following the artist had been out with her close friends. Close to midnight, Dunn and a single of her buddies ordered a Lyft to decide them up and push them residence.

The auto dropped Dunn’s pal — who is not named in Persons‘s tale — off 1st, devoid of incident. At the time, Dunn recollects, “I had that instinct that one thing was wrong, and I ignored it” she adds that the mate she was with afterwards instructed her that she had a equivalent sensation.

“It can make me emotional, but she mentioned, ‘I desired to explain to you to get out and we are going to get yet another journey, or you could just slumber on my sofa,’ and we both dismissed it,” Dunn shares. “As females, we often do that, but I imagine when we have individuals feelings, they are alarm bells. I remember just telling myself that I was overthinking it … and just striving to explain to myself, ‘It’s wonderful.’ I blame myself.”

Dunn states she’d requested the Lyft driver to stay away from the freeway on the way from her friend’s residence to her residence she phone calls it the

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John Grindrod: Nashville, some heritage and absolutely some audio in the air

As for Lady Jane and my 3rd and final metropolis of our spring Volunteer Point out trip, Nashville, after we protected the 212 miles from Memphis and attained the outskirts, we’d prepared a tour of Andrew Jackson’s estate, Hermitage, 12 miles east of the town.

There is a museum, wherever there is a lot to examine and hear about Jackson and especially about his victory at the Battle of New Orleans, and, of program, the mansion. In addition, there are indicators that immediate you to other elements of the 400-acre estate, in which numerous farming operations have been executed and where by the subject hands’ dwelling quarters foundational outlines could continue to be seen.

The narrated tour of the mansion was especially enlightening as to what each day existence was right here, both equally prior to Jackson’s two-term presidency and following he returned in 1837, regrettably, with out the prospect to live out his times with his beloved spouse Rachel, who died of a heart ailment all through a contentious marketing campaign prior to Jackson’s first phrase.

A lot of what was in the mansion was first, which include the wallpaper, the flooring and the home furniture, which Jane and I assumed very extraordinary for a creating more than 175 many years previous.

When the tour reached the back again porch and walkthrough that divided the kitchen from the formal dining room (to maintain the warmth out of the residence), my sunglasses, perched on my ball cap, slipped off the