Notes from Scandanavia | PoliticsNC

I’m back from Sweden. It was a wonderful journey. I figured out really a bit and search ahead to going back again to discover far more. 

The very first lesson I discovered is that magnesium gel caps explode under force. They address anything in a white pasty substance that is difficult to get out of fabrics. Also, an overdose of magnesium causes pet dogs to have horrific diarrhea. Do not place magnesium gel caps in your checked bags, but if you do, really do not allow canine into your place. 

That region and tradition is truly old. The island on which my daughter’s family members life has a Viking grave circa 800 CE. In other text, the culture has evolved above millennia, which will make the United States appear to be seriously youthful. 

The country, or at least the archipelago, was much more racially and ethnically varied than I anticipated. Although still dominated by truthful-skinned folks of Nordic descent, I noticed a fair range of Africans and dark-skinned, darkish-haired people today who seemed to blend in relatively very well. I suspect as the non-native population improves, they will have some struggles with assimilation in the potential. 

Swedes are very negative socialists. Modest organizations abound, as do multinational corporations. Judging from the properties on some of the islands in the archipelago, there are a lot of definitely wealthy persons in that region. On the other hand, there are also pretty couple bad kinds. It is a remarkably middle-class nation, thanks to