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Want to Increase Female Libido? Try Female Aphrodisiacs and Boosting Your Hormones!

Want to Increase Female Libido? Try Female Aphrodisiacs and Boosting Your Hormones!
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If you’re looking for ways to increase female libido, you might want to try these female aphrodisiacs as well as boosting your low estrogen and low progesterone levels.

While these tips may help you to feel a little more willing to jump into bed now again, know that the most common reasons for a low libido are relationship issues, stress, and low self-esteem — three factors that can’t be changed with a pill or a food.

But, if you’re looking for a little extra something to spice things up, try these out!

Female Aphrodisiacs

Eating these foods might just make you feel a little more sexy.

  • Chocolate: Mmmmm, chocolate! Eating chocolate gives us serotonin which helps us to relax and let go of stress.
  • Peppers and Chillies: Cayenne peppers and chillies will increase your blood flow, and they are full of vitamin C.
  • Lobster: Lobster contains calcium, iron, amino acids and vitamin B — all ingredients for a healthy libido.
  • Oysters: Oysters contain protein and zinc — more ingredients for a good sex drive.
  • Nuts and Eggs: These contain arginine, which is an amino acid. You can also find it in coconut milk and cheese.
  • Wine: Drinking a little wine or champagne can help us to relax and feel sexy.

Low Estrogen

If your estrogen level is too low (which happens to most women in menopause), it can lead to vaginal dryness. Estrogen also helps us to feel sensitive to sexual touch.

Here are some natural ways to raise your estrogen level and get back in the game!

  • Black cohosh: This is an herb that has plant estrogens (also called “phytoestrogens”). They give our bodies estrogen-like effects.
  • Dong quai: This herb is also called the “Angelica herb.” It has long been used in Chinese herbal medicine to cure feminine issues. It also contains plant estrogens.
  • Flaxseed: Again, these seeds contain plant estrogens. If you eat ground flax seeds rather than just the flax seed oil, you will get the most benefit. You’ll also get the seed’s fiber and omega 3s.

Low Progesterone

Progesterone is a very important hormone in the female body. It helps us to feel aroused, increases our blood flow, and balances the estrogen in our bodies.

Progesterone will help to increase female libido if your level is low (which happens to most women in pre menopause). Another way progesterone helps to increase female libido is by reducing vaginal dryness.

If you want to use progesterone cream to increase vaginal lubrication, you should use the vaginal form of these creams.

These creams can also moisturize your skin, help you sleep, relieve PMS, and help you to keep an even mood.

  • Wild Yam Cream: The active ingredient in this cream comes from Mexican wild yams. Scientists manipulate the progesterone precursor from the yams and turn it into bio-identical progesterone. You rub this into your face, neck, hands, inner things, or stomach twice a day.
  • Progesterone Cream: This over the counter cream has a 2% progesterone level. Like wild yam cream you rub progesterone cream into your face, neck, hands, inner thighs or stomach twice a day. The most common over the counter progesterone cream is Pro-Gest. You can also get progesterone cream with a higher percentage of progesterone with a prescription from your doctor.