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What Are Single Vision Glasses & Spectacles?

What Are Single Vision Glasses & Spectacles?
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Among the various kinds of glasses that are available, single vision glasses are the most common and used. The name ‘single vision’ comes from the fact that these glasses have one power thought out the lenses. These glasses are used to correct one vision disorder.

When compared to bifocals and progressive glasses, these spectacles are easier to use. One just has to procure the latest prescription from an eye doctor and then these glasses can be ordered. Generally these glasses are available with host of other advantages.

When compared to the bifocal and varifocal glasses, single vision glasses take less time to adjust. Generally the users of glasses with multiple powers complain about the difficulties of getting used to the various powers and tilting their heads to the right position to have the correct vision. These problems are practically absent when you are using single vision glasses. It has also been proved scientifically that older people who wear single vision glasses and who regularly take part in outdoor activities have less chances of suffering from a fall, because of the clearer and less refracted vision offered by these glasses.

Most of the single vision glasses comprise of anti-glare coatings. The anti-glare coatings help in reducing the glare from the bright lights. When driving at night, or going out in the sun, single vision glasses with the anti-glare coatings are beneficial. This coating reduces the strain level to a considerable degree and lowers the chances of headaches. Another coating, when combined with the single vision glasses offer undeniable protection is the ultra-violet (UV) coating. These coatings are present in bifocal and varifocal glasses as well. The UV coating, as the name suggest, blocks the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun. As the occurrence of going outdoors has increased, so is the use of the ultra-violet coating.

With the increasing number of the online stores and manufacturers of the prescription glasses, buyers now have the opportunity to select from the countless options. These glasses are crafted out of light-weight acetate, durable metal and titanium. These are also available in all the three types – full rimmed, semi rimmed and rimless. Though these deal with the correction of only one vision disorder, they are nevertheless very easy and comfortable to use, making them the preferred choice for majority of the buyers.