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What Is Level 1 Body Armor Clothing?

What Is Level 1 Body Armor Clothing?
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The primary purpose of body armor clothing is to protect the wearer from bullets and knives. Armors can be bullet proof or anti-stab vest. Each bullet proof vest is categorized according to its level of protection from level 1 to level 4. In this article, I will help you understand what level 1 bullet proof vest is.

What is level 1 body armor clothing?

The National Institute of Justice has set a standard for the different resistance capacity of certain vest. Manufacturers are therefore advised to have every manufactured vest to undergo testing for proper classification.

The level of protection is divided into six, from level 1, 1A, 2, 2A, 3, 3A, and 4. Level 1 provides the least degree of protection and light weight. These vests are only capable of resisting.22 LR and.380ACP. A.22LR is a long rifle lead round nose bullet that releases a minimum velocity of 1050 feet per second having a normal mass of 40 gr. A.380ACP is a full metal jacket round nose bullet that releases a minimum speed of 1025 feet per second.

However, due to the escalating advances in weaponry innovation, level 1 body armor clothing is the least sought after protection nowadays. People need higher projectile impact resistance especially if he or she is working in the military, army or any other law enforcement agencies. Although these types of armors are still available in the market today, it is advisable to check and review your risk vulnerability prior to purchase.

Bear in mind that bullet proof vests come in different standards and capacity of bullet resistance. It is therefore vital to know first what type of vest is suitable to your need. To figure out your requirement, it is best to list down all possible dangers and threats that you are most susceptible to encounter. Then check out the list of levels NIJ has set, you can check it out in their website online. For more details, you can browse on the net for more information, ask around, or ask a friend or a colleague to help you out.

Buying protective gear requires patience and scrupulous effort in finding out quality, make and where to buy them to mention a few. Keep in mind the following aspects when purchasing your bullet resistant vest.

1. Your vest must match the kind of firearm you are currently carrying
2. The fit must be impeccable
3. Ensure that the tag in your vest is visible and must contain the NIJ rating
4. Figure out whether you need a concealable vest or a tactical vest

These aspects are important for comfort and ease of mobility. Remember that your body armor clothing is worn daily hence it is of utmost importance that you are confident, at ease and comfortable with it.