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Positive Women Relationships – Would YOU Pass Your Own Female Friend Test? Avoid Toxic Friends

Positive Women Relationships – Would YOU Pass Your Own Female Friend Test? Avoid Toxic Friends
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Positive women love to have female friends but we also need a detailed list of what we’re looking for just like we have when we’re looking for an ideal man.

Drama queens need not apply and whiny victims can keep on walking because what positive women need for friends are other positive women!

Negative women drag us down even when we do our best to “help” them to be happier or more positive. YOU need healthy friends and I dare say you probably need to delete some of your current ones for reasons you know, whether you acknowledge them or not.

Would YOU pass your own female friend test?

In order to be a friend to a positive woman, you need to be one already. Otherwise, you will drag them down if you attract them into a friendship at all.

NOTE: Many positive women have evolved from “victim” or “drama queen,” having done a lot of work on themselves and are great female friend candidates! We don’t need a “project” so choose carefully, avoiding the tragic women who still gossip and blame everyone else for the way their life turned out. We need a good, intelligent, supportive, friend who we can look forward to speaking with, brainstorm, and share our innermost feelings with, safely, not a woman who is going to blab to everyone at the office what we told her.

Here are some characteristics I have on my female friends list:

  1. Understand anger, frustration and pain must be processed instead of glossed over
  2. The ability and willingness to call me on my stuff (which helps me grow)
  3. Takes responsibility for her life instead of blaming and complaining
  4. Lives in daily gratitude
  5. Good sense of humor
  6. Accountable / Dependable (this comes with taking responsibility for her life)
  7. Realizes an effective pity party is only 4-20 minutes in length
  8. Forgives herself and sees mistakes as lessons
  9. Takes care of herself – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually
  10. Healthy self-esteem and personal boundaries
  11. Trusts her gut feelings (intuition)

I know that women are powerful and can create their ideal life and become who they want to become but I also know not all women believe that and even fewer act on it.

Finding yourself a community of positive women who understand their power and use it instead of giving it away, like we’ve been taught to do since we were little girls is a HUGE step in becoming the woman you can and want to be. You have the power!