Why Exponent Time Rewind Retinol System Is Worth Every Penny

If you asked me what my skincare staple would be, I’d proclaim my enjoy for retinol before you’d even completed asking the question. And most probable, I’m not alone. As just one of the most closely researched skincare actives, retinol is the pillar in most routines considering that it tackles a broad array of problems, from great lines and wrinkles to acne breakouts, hyperpigmentation, and dullness. But, as very good as it is, retinol is vulnerable to oxidation, and it can degrade to up to 80% immediately after six months at 25°C and up to 100% at 40°C and even faster when uncovered to mild. Which is why everyone advises us to continue to keep our serums in cold and dark sites, but guess what? I’m completed with the visits to the fridge considering that I’ve acquired my Exponent Time Rewind Retinol Procedure. 

For a little bit of context, Exponent is an revolutionary skincare brand that usually takes fresh new skincare to the subsequent level offering actives in their peak efficiency for increased advantages from every single dose. Liz Whitman, the founder of Exponent, determined the degradation and efficacy difficulty of common skincare goods every single time they are uncovered to the day by day environment, so she landed on powderized actives to guard them versus degradation.

“Anti-growing old skin-care goods, ironically, have an getting old challenge.” Liz Whitman, Founder of Exponent

About Exponent Retinol Program

This retinol by no means sees the light of day, so it provides