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Why Exponent Time Rewind Retinol System Is Worth Every Penny

Why Exponent Time Rewind Retinol System Is Worth Every Penny
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If you asked me what my skincare staple would be, I’d proclaim my enjoy for retinol before you’d even completed asking the question. And most probable, I’m not alone. As just one of the most closely researched skincare actives, retinol is the pillar in most routines considering that it tackles a broad array of problems, from great lines and wrinkles to acne breakouts, hyperpigmentation, and dullness. But, as very good as it is, retinol is vulnerable to oxidation, and it can degrade to up to 80% immediately after six months at 25°C and up to 100% at 40°C and even faster when uncovered to mild. Which is why everyone advises us to continue to keep our serums in cold and dark sites, but guess what? I’m completed with the visits to the fridge considering that I’ve acquired my Exponent Time Rewind Retinol Procedure. 

For a little bit of context, Exponent is an revolutionary skincare brand that usually takes fresh new skincare to the subsequent level offering actives in their peak efficiency for increased advantages from every single dose. Liz Whitman, the founder of Exponent, determined the degradation and efficacy difficulty of common skincare goods every single time they are uncovered to the day by day environment, so she landed on powderized actives to guard them versus degradation.

“Anti-growing old skin-care goods, ironically, have an getting old challenge.” Liz Whitman, Founder of Exponent

About Exponent Retinol Program

This retinol by no means sees the light of day, so it provides peak performance in just about every dose. Yep, you go through that appropriate — Exponent utilizes a patented Self-Activator Method that will allow for exact dispensing of retinol powder which mixes with their Quadruple Hyaluronic Acid Hydrator to build a lightweight gel-product serum.

Exponent Retinol Serum
You have to drive and twist the lid and mix for 10 seconds until you get a light-weight serum.

The method packs .25% retinol in each individual dose to battle ageing indicators, pimples, and uneven tone, plus allantoin, vitamin E, and shea butter to soothe and moisturize devoid of clogging the pores. When the powder mixes with the Hydrator — crammed with a few humectants, which include four molecular weights of hyaluronic acid — a strong retinol serum will come out.

My expertise with Exponent Time Rewind Retinol Procedure

I really like how easy it is to combine my contemporary retinol serum at night time. And earlier mentioned everything, I’m fond of the ultimate texture of Exponent Time Rewind Retinol Serum, which, IMO, strikes the fantastic equilibrium among a abundant serum and a light-weight moisturizer. The elixir is dense and moisturizing it melts speedily into the pores and skin, dries to the touch inside of minutes, and leaves zero residues at the rear of. Also, I never obtained any response from Exponent Time Rewind Retinol, nor it stung my skin on software, which is a substantial win. Finally, the lavender scent (which will come from important lavender oil) feels calming, which tends to make me glance ahead to applying it.

Retinol System Exponent

The price

The Exponent Starter Package fees $168 and involves the Self-Activator System, the Hydrator (90 doses), and the Retinol Powder (45 doses). Due to the fact the Self-Activator Method is intended to be applied again and once more, only the Retinol Powder ($88) and the Hydrator ($58) need to be refilled.

The takeaway

Because this serum is housed in a method that does not let actives to degrade and delivers prime gains with each dose, it is a staple in my program as it targets really a lot all of my problems: great traces, darkish places, and clogged pores. Time Rewind Retinol Serum is both preventative and corrective, moisturizing, gentle, and, most importantly, active. I rigorously use it in my nighttime plan, and in the early morning, I swap it for Exponent Brightening Vitamin C Serum for an active dose of protection.